Wedding Anniversary

origami elephantEveryone is familiar with Silver and Gold wedding anniversaries, but few are familiar with their origins. Many historians believe the tradition dates back as far as Medieval Times, with the origins beginning in Germany. Garlands made of silver and gold, representing the couple’s 25th and 50th wedding anniversary, were presented by the husband to his wife to celebrate the event.

In 1922 the book "Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home" written by Emily Post, was first published, in which she included a list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts. This list originally only covered the millstone years; however when the book was reprinted in 1957 it included the first 15 wedding anniversaries and every 5 years up to 75 years. You will find many variations for each of the anniversaries for example many people also associate copper along with wool for the 6th wedding anniversary.

In more recent times associations have came up with gifts to celebrate all the wedding anniversaries from the 1st to 80th with the traditional wedding anniversary gift list having under gone a make over. In so doing the list has evolved and taken on a modern twist, with the focus more on practical gifts.

The wedding anniversary list tends to increase in monetary value as it is designed to reflect the number of years a couple have been married. With paper representing the first wedding anniversary and gold signifying 50 precious years of marriage.

It's not only materials and precious metals which are given as presents to celebrate a wedding anniversary but flowers and gemstones are also often given.

What is your next Wedding Anniversary?

Follow the links below to find out what tradtional and modern gifts are given to celebrate each wedding anniversay. Those marked with a  are the traditional anniversaries, all the others have a modern / contemporary suggestion for a wedding anniversary gift.

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