Pet Weddings

dog veilAt one time it was said that ‘only in America’ could weird and bizarre events take place but eyelids no longer seem to blink when we hear of pet weddings taking place.

Such is the growing popularity among people wanting to ‘marry’ off their favourite pet that companies are now offering everything from the wedding certificate to the dream honeymoon and designer wedding outfits for animals have become more easily available.

Man’s ‘best friend’ is now being given his own ‘best man’ at his wedding where he has a special ‘ring’ pillow fitted around his neck with a decorative collar sitting on top and used during the ceremony.

Pets can be ‘married’ in a ceremony that costs approximately £100 and includes the certificate, the cake and a minister who unites the animal couple.

Film stars are no strangers to getting their favourite pets’ ‘joined for life’ as mates and names such as Pamela Anderson who arranged a beach ‘wedding’ between Luca her Chihuahua and Star her golden retriever.

New Delhi pet owners went one step further when a mass ceremony was held for 500 dogs all dressed in bridal wear. None of the dogs had met each other before the ‘wedding’ day and nothing was too much trouble for their special day. Flowers and cake with wedding musicians were all laid on for the happy ‘couples’.

Accessories for Pet Weddings

dog wedding outfitCakes made especially for animals are turned into wondrous works of art and match any fruit or sponge cake in decor, but obviously not in taste. Tiny bones, sticks, cats and dogs can be placed on the cake and flowers made from icing sugar for those with a sweet tooth.

Tuxedos for ‘grooms’ are readily available from about £40.00 and for those couples wanting a bridesmaid or two they can be fitted out from as little as £15.

Veils big and small can be found for dogs, cats, hamsters and even horses, complete with ribbons and bows and delicately made from lace or satin.

After the happy couple have tied the knot they can celebrated with a well deserved drink of Dog Perignon.

Special collars for the best man, bridesmaids and ring bearer are also available as well as fitted tiny fairy wings to match the princess bride’s outfit.

For favours and gifts the bride and groom can give such items as food bowls, tasty bones, squeaky mice, I.D tags, furry animals or a sleeping blanket.

Honeymoon for Pets

dog top hatYour pet once married can be taken on a honeymoon that involves the whole family. Places can be found that are not just pet friendly but cater wholeheartedly for your favourite pet. One such place is the Kitley House Hotel in Devon.

The newly joined couple can be treated to such delights as a welcome pack consisting of a selection of dog biscuits and disposable scented bags.

In such a pet friendly place they will be able to roam freely around the hotel (though for obvious reasons not the dining area) and will be allowed to sleep with you in your bedroom.

This historical country house is a dog paradise with gardens and a wood leading down to the River Yealm for those pets’ that love to have a swim or retrieve sticks.

Beaches that allow animals as well as restaurants, taxis and dog sitters can all be found in this area and the hotel is only too happy to help in pointing you in the right direction.

Your favourite pet’s wedding can be fun and heart-warming but such unions are not legally binding and your pet’s bride or groom will still remain the property of their respective owner.