Wedding Articles

We have produced some wedding related articles that don't really fit into any category for planning your wedding, but we think they are interesting nonetheless - so here they are!

Why Do People Get Married?

Marriage is a traditional institution that is celebrated all over the world.  Cultures and societies have differing ways of performing marriage ceremonies but the sanctity of marriage means the same thing wherever you go.  [cont..]

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Recycle Your Wedding Items

After having organised your wedding day, sometimes months in advance, a lot of people feel the need to get their teeth into something else after they have returned from their honeymoon.  In a bid to avoid the deflated feeling after putting their heart and soul into all the preparations it can be a good idea to think about what to do with those wedding items that you want to keep but just don’t know what to do with. [cont..]

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Game Set and Match At Wimbledon?

With Wimbledon fortnight fast approaching we take a look at the highs and lows of 10 famous tennis couples. [cont..]

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Wedding Myths

There are many myths and superstitions around weddings which are folk law or passed down from generation to generation.  Some myths are contradictory and hold both positive and negative connotations.  Most are based on events or omens which foretell of good or bad luck.  [cont..]

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Popular Movies that Feature a Wedding

We all love a good wedding and we love to watch movies so what’s better than having a great movie that features a wedding for getting those romantic, funny and emotional feelings fired up and a wonderful excuse to have a good old back of the throat cry! [cont..]

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Fifty Famous Wedding Quotes

Ever been asked to give a speech at a wedding? Or asked to ‘say a little something’ on the wedding video and be stumped for words?  [cont..]

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Pet Weddings

At one time it was said that ‘only in America’ could weird and bizarre events take place but eyelids no longer seem to blink when we hear of pet weddings taking place. [cont..]

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Wedding Time Capsules

A growing trend between newlyweds is a wedding time capsule that can be filled with mementos and treasures of the day they got married and then opened on another special occasion like a 10 year or 25th wedding anniversary. [cont..]

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Weird Wedding Facts

In today’s world of weird and wonderful weddings from getting married while bungee jumping to whole wedding parties being arrested, we can still be shocked when we hear news of weddings that go wrong or funny happenings during ceremonies. [cont..]

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The Queens Diamond Wedding Anniversary

60 years ago on the 20th November 1947 Princess Elizabeth married her Prince.

It had been one of the worst winters on record and Britain was still in the throes of rationing.  In a nation of make doer’s this royal wedding was truly a sumptuousness day after the economical gloom and misery of suffering through WWII. [cont..]

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Wedding Tradition – the Ghost of Nuptials Past?

Recently WeddingChaos ran a survey to find out how many people were intending to have a traditional Church wedding.  Interestingly, perhaps not surprisingly, given the dwindling church attendance in the UK, only 48% of those surveyed said that they were considering a Church wedding. [cont..]

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