Wedding Myths

bride with umbrellaThere are many myths and superstitions around weddings which are folk law or passed down from generation to generation.  Some myths are contradictory and hold both positive and negative connotations.  Most are based on events or omens which foretell of good or bad luck. 

There is no scientific basis to these myths, but most brides will still follow them, and will always be given advice prior to their wedding from well meaning friends and family to bring good luck or ward off bad luck.  How many brides-to-be are still offered something blue to wear on the day from several people? 

Some may decide to dismiss the myths and practices, but most won’t; after all, would you take the chance?

Wedding Myths that we Know - and Some that we May Not

Wearing Pearls

This myth has both good and bad luck meaning.  Some believe that wearing pearls represents future tears, bringing potential trouble and tears to the marriage, thus being negative.  Whereas some believe that by wearing pearls, they replace the bride’s real tears and she will have a happy, tearless wedding.

The Bride Making her Own Dress

his is considered to be a negative myth as it was believed that for brides that made their own dresses she would shed one tear for each stitch she made.

Wearing White

This is seen as a symbol of purity and virginity of the bride.  Wearing white is also believed to ward off any evil spirits that may surround the bride on her wedding day.

Seeing the Bride before the Wedding

It is bad luck for the groom to see the bride’s dress before the day of the wedding.  It will bring luck if he does not glance at the dress as the bride walks down the aisle.

The Journey to the Church

It is believed to be lucky for the bride to meet a dove, spider, lamb or black cat on her journey, however meeting a pig or funeral processions are seen as bad omens.  Brides living in the country fear a crowing cock after the dawn of the wedding day.  It is also believed fortunate for the bride to see a policeman, clergyman, doctor or blind man on her journey to the church.  The groom should give a coin to the first person he sees on his journey to the church for good luck.

Positioning of the Bride and Groom during the Ceremony

The bride is to stand to the left of the groom so that his sword arm is free to defend her and fight off any man who may wish to take his future wife.

Time of Day to get Married

According to belief couples should exchange their vows as the clock’s minute hand is moving upwards.  The upwards movement is said to bring good luck and blessings on the couple as the minute hand is ascending towards heaven.  Therefore you should not get married whenever the minute hand is moving downwards, i.e. any time before half the hour.

Dropping the Wedding Ring

To drop the ring during the ceremony was seen to shake out any hiding evil spirits, therefore be lucky.  However another version is that dropping the ring gave the ominous sign that whoever dropped it would be the first to die.

Crying on the Wedding Day

It is considered good luck for the bride to cry during her wedding, this means that she will have no more tears left and will not need any for the duration of her marriage.  In the olden days a bride’s tears were a sign of good luck to the future crops.

Rain on the Wedding Day

This is another myth that has contradictory good/bad luck connotations.  Rain on the day is said to bring good luck as it represents the coming of children to the marriage and good harvest of crops.  Some say it represents the tears the bride will cry throughout the marriage.

Signing your Married Name before the Day

It is considered to be tempting fate for the bride to sign her married name before the wedding day, along with wearing all of her bridal outfit before the day.

Surname of the Same First Letter

Although some of us may like the idea of not changing our initials after marriage it is considered unlucky for the bride to marry a man with the same initialed surname.  The Victorians had a rhyme about this myth ‘to change the name and not the letter, is to change for the worst and not the better’.

Dominating Bride

If the bride wishes to be the dominate partner in the marriage she must be the first to buy something after the wedding.  The quickest way to do this was to buy a pin from the chief bridesmaid when changing out of her bridal dress into her traveling outfit.

Removing the Pins

A bride should always throw away every pin when removing her bridal dress and veil as to keep any was seen to be unlucky.

Colour of the Wedding Dress has Good and Bad Myths:

  • Married in White you have chosen right
  • Married in Blue your lover is true
  • Married in Pink your fortunes will sink
  • Married in Green you will not long be seen
  • Married in Red you’ll wish you were dead
  • Married in Yellow ashamed of the fellow
  • Married in Brown you’ll live out of town
  • Married in Grey you’ll live far away
  • Married in Black you’ll wish you were back

Days of the Week

  • Monday for health
  • Tuesday for wealth
  • Wednesday the best of all
  • Thursday brings crosses
  • And Friday losses
  • But Saturday - no luck at all..

Whether you choose to follow or disregard any of these myths, your wedding day is sure to be extra special to you, and most believe nowadays that you create your own luck!