Why Do People Get Married?

bride and groom 1Marriage is a traditional institution that is celebrated all over the world.  Cultures and societies have differing ways of performing marriage ceremonies but the sanctity of marriage means the same thing wherever you go. 

It signifies the legal joining of a couple who are showing their life long commitment to each other and society and that their relationship is binding.  So what are the reasons why people get married?

Wedding statistics show that people are actually getting married less and less each year and considering that the average wedding can cost approximately twenty thousand pounds it is not surprising.  People are also waiting till they are older before getting hitched with the average age for a bride being thirty four and thirty seven for the average groom.

Whether its for the first, second or third time and regardless of age, sex or religion, people have many different reasons to get married but the most obvious is that they love each other. 

Following are some other reasons, major or petty, why people would get married:

  • A couple may be having a long distance relationship, perhaps with a military person and marriage would enable them to be together and qualify for housing.
  • A lot of people marry to have children or in a hope that they will carry on the family name.  In today's society, it is no longer necessary for people to get married just because a baby is on the way.  The stigma once attached to an unmarried pregnant woman has lessened although not gone completely in all societies.  In some cultures a couple must have children before they can even get married to prove they are fertile and can continue the blood line.  Still, there are some couples who feel that having children after they are married is the right way to progress with their relationship.
  • A person may feel the need for a large celebration of some kind, a big party where family and friends can all be together and what better way for this to happen than at a wedding.
  • A young person may see getting married as a way out of their parent's home.
  • Another reason may be for financial reasons where the marriage could bring someone financial security.
  • Being lonely could play a huge factor in someone wanting to tie the knot, they may see it as a way of having a life long companion or they fear having to grow old alone.
  • In the USA some people marry for health insurance reasons, perhaps a partner has been sick for some time resulting in a job loss and in order to qualify for health insurance they would need to use their spouse's insurance.  Or maybe a benefit from an employer states that for a partner to qualify for the insurance a person needs to be married.
  • It could be viewed as a way of saving a relationship, perhaps the couple feel they have come to the end of their road and organising a wedding would bring them closer together or in a bid to strengthen their love.
  • Marriage gives someone a legal status, perhaps so that they can make decisions about life and death situations and it also means that a partner would not have to legally testify against their spouse in court.  It would also ensure that in the event of the death of a partner any assets would stay with the remaining spouse.
  • Perhaps it confirms adult status in a person's eyes in the hope that others will see it too.
  • Perhaps the couple are responding to family pressure to take their relationship to the next level.
  • Plenty of people believe in love at first sight and couples all over get married fairly quickly after meeting, while others have been together for quite a while and still very much in love just decided to take the next step.
  • Religious beliefs can play a huge part in a marriage.  For some it is arranged marriages where the couple's families have organised the union or perhaps a young girl has been betrothed to another family's son as part of a long standing agreement.  
  • Religious factors may forbid sex before marriage or it could even be viewed as a way to guarantee regular access to sex.
  • Some couples feel that they must make a very public show of their commitment to each other, maybe their relationship has been questioned or someone doubts their love for each other and they want to prove it.
  • Some people see it as a spiritual bonding.
  • There are of course those who marry for illicit reasons, perhaps to save an immigrant from being deported.

Is it Legal to Get Married?

bride and groom 2All over the world there are different requirements which state who can marry and some laws forbid certain marriages.  For instance in some states of the United States of America it is illegal to marry an in-law, in others the couples must have a blood test to prove that they do not have any sexually transmitted diseases and other states have age limit requirements. 

It is also a general consensus that a person can be married to only one person at any one time but this is not a legal requirement in other parts of the world where a man can take more than one wife at any given time.

Many years ago, a wedding could take place just by a couple declaring that they were married to each other but in today's society a wedding is a much more public event.

Why People Don't Get Married

Having given lots of reasons why people do get married, it is only right that we mention those possible reasons why people don't get married.  These can include:

  • A work driven or career minded person may feel restricted by the pressures of marriage.
  • Commitment scares some people and while plenty are willing to live with their partners they do not feel able to walk down the aisle.
  • Single life is very appealing to a lot of people and being married would rob them of this as well as stop them from having multiple partners.
  • Some people are afraid of getting it wrong and making mistakes and divorce may not be something they can live with, particularly if monetary settlements are high or costly. 
  • Someone who likes to travel around would not be able to settle down in one place.
  • They have had a bad experience.  Be it a previous partner or marriage and do not like the idea of being married again.

Making Up Your Mind

just marriedWanting to be with the person you love and showing your family and friends in a romantic and/or religious ceremony is a significant gesture about how you feel about the other person that you want to spend your future with.

Making the decision to get married is very important.  For some people it will change the outcome and style of their life completely whereas for others they may not even notice any changes.

Whatever your reasons are, they are personal to just you and your partner and the choices you make should not to be taken frivolously.