Matching Wedding Rings

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Many couples choose matching wedding ring sets as a romantic symbol of their commitment to each other, but that often results in one or both partners settling for a 'second choice' ring which isn't as suitable for them as it could be - so how can you find a 'set' of rings which suit you both?

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Two Halves?

The first thing to say is the most obvious. Rings which are two 'halves' of a single design can be very attractive but, once on your fingers, most designs would need unlikely contortions from both of you to be seen in the same way as they look in the jewellery box. Most people who see your ring will probably never even see the 'other half'. So your matched rings are actually only part of a set to those who know the secret; to you, close friends and family. And, if that's the case, then you can create your own uniquely matched pair which also matches both your tastes and lifestyles.

matching wedding ring 1Most common differences in the type of rings people prefer are in weight, profile or metal. If you prefer yellow gold and your partner platinum, or you prefer a court ring and they like a flat profile, then you can still choose a decorative finish which connects the two rings. This can be much more personal than simply both choosing a matt finish - consider both having a thin highly polished band to one side of the ring, or a matching diamond cut design engraved around the band.

How do you Personalise your Wedding Rings?

If your opinion differs as to the amount of decoration on the ring then one ring could feature a repeat pattern around the full band, while the other has a single repetition of the pattern, or one could use the design in a subtle, small band while the other features it strongly across the whole of the surface. Consider also adding a single diamond as an accent decoration to one ring.

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Diamonds For Her, Plain for Him

Beautifully matched rings can also be created by choosing rings in the same profile and finish, with an inset row of diamonds encircling one ring and a plain finish or a diamond cut channel echoing the band on the other.

This technique of subtly echoing the design of one ring for the other is often a good way of offering the bride a pretty ring while the groom prefers a more simple style.

Ring sets can also be created by reversing the colours on a two metal ring - platinum with a rose gold inset and rose gold with platinum for example.

matching wedding ring 3Engraved Wedding Ring

In addition to any of these ideas, or as well as them, you can consider engraving your rings with a personal message. Engraving is possible on either the inside or outside of your rings, and the message can be as personal as you wish, its really limited only by the space available.

Engravings can be complimentary - perhaps use half of a famous quote on the inside of each ring? or they can be matched - your initials entwined, or the initials of yourselves and your children, can be engraved onto both of your rings making them not only a unique set of wedding rings but highly personal to yourselves.

Wedding Ring Personalisation - No Limits

The ways to personalise your rings are really limited only by your imagination and your ability to find a jeweller who can carry out your requests.

Most good jewellers will be happy to work with you to create exactly the rings you want. While high street retailers may not be able to customise their standard designs those with jewellery studios who do their own work will always be happy to discuss what you're looking for and produce a wedding ring set which is perfect for you both - so don't be afraid to ask if you don't see exactly what you want in the window or on the website!