75 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

ask the questionsIf you and your partner have decided to get married then you may think that you already know each other inside and out; but this is often not the case.

Even for those couples who have been together before they decide to walk down the aisle for many years, there may still be issues that you didn't discuss, questions that you didn't ask.

Your marriage being successful in the long term could depend on the issues that you haven't talked about, so even though you are busy making your wedding plans and thinking about your future together, it is crucial that you set aside some time before you actually get married and consider asking each other these questions.

Of course, we are not saying that you should ask all these questions, you may not like the answer you get.  Or perhaps the process of asking may cause more arguments than if the questions was never asked... but we suggest that you at least both read the questions through and give them some thought.

  1. If we have children, will one of us stay at home to look after them?
  2. Are we able to discuss money issues?
  3. Are we able to talk to each other about sex and any problems we might encounter?
  4. Are we ambitious?
  5. Are we getting married for the right reasons? If it is due to pregnancy or just wanting to leave the family home then it should be discussed further.
  6. Are we having problems now? If so, should we sort them before getting married?
  7. Are we planning to buy our own home?
  8. Are we starting our marriage in debt and if so, how can we get out of it?
  9. Are you a parent already?
  10. Are you happy with our sex life?
  11. Are you religious? If you are, does that mean I should be too?
  12. As a couple, what do we want from our life?
  13. Can you spend the rest of your life with me?
  14. Can you tell me what you like and donâ?Tt like in the bedroom?
  15. Did you grow up in a loving family environment?
  16. Did you have a happy childhood?
  17. Do we both know where our important documentation is?
  18. Do we have anything in common?
  19. Do we have mutual respect for each other?
  20. Do you drink to excess?
  21. Do you feel loved?
  22. Do you get jealous and do you think I am a jealous person?
  23. Do you have a criminal record that you havenâ?Tt told me about?
  24. Do you have a forgiving nature?
  25. Do you have any issues with trust or insecurities?
  26. Do you have any parenting strategies?
  27. Do you let money fall through a hole in your pocket or do you save?
  28. Do you spend too much time at your work?
  29. During our free time, what do you see us doing?
  30. Have you been married before?
  31. Have you ever been violent or hit a partner?
  32. How do you behave if you are being threatened?
  33. How often do you feel the need to be alone?
  34. How often will we go on holiday?
  35. How often will we see our families?
  36. How will we achieve quality time together?
  37. How will we resolve conflicts, not just with each other but outside the home?
  38. If our parents are still together, what do you like about their relationship?
  39. If we can't have children would you consider adoption?
  40. If you get a day off, will you want to spend it with me or alone?
  41. Is it important that we share every detail about our mental and physical histories?
  42. Is there anything that you are not prepared to give up?
  43. Is there anything you dislike about me?
  44. Should the situation come up, are you willing to move abroad for my career?
  45. Should we have a joint account?
  46. Should we have a television in our bedroom?
  47. Should we have our own hobbies or do everything together?
  48. We are individuals; will this create any problems in our marriage?
  49. What about our families do you like?
  50. ask more questionsWhat are your bad habits?
  51. What attracted you to me the first time we met?
  52. What do you dislike about your family and mine?
  53. What is my most attractive feature?
  54. What method of birth control do you use?
  55. Where will we be and what will we be doing in forty years?
  56. Who will be the accountant and sort out all the household bills?
  57. Who will do the shopping, both of us?
  58. Will we at some point have children together? If so, how many?
  59. Will we budget for the shopping?
  60. Will we continue to have date nights?
  61. Will we have enough in common in the future to have something to talk about?
  62. Will we listen to each other?
  63. Will we make important decisions together?
  64. Will we sit down at the table together and eat?
  65. Will we still see our friends?
  66. Will you be bringing any of your family values into our marriage?
  67. Will you be faithful?
  68. Will you help out around the house, not just the hoovering but also cleaning the toilet?
  69. Will you love me when I'm old and wrinkly?
  70. Will you prefer to do overtime rather than spend time with me?
  71. Will you share things with me?
  72. Will you stand up for me if one of your family members upsets me?
  73. Will you want me to change in any way once we are married?
  74. Will your family want to spend every holiday with us?
  75. Would it bother you if I went out with my friends every once in a while?

During a relationship it can be difficult to always agree and at some stage you will disagree or have a rough patch. This is normal when you get two individuals together but you are a couple and should be able to work out any differences you might have as long as you are respectful to each other and considerate of each others feelings.

It is not vital for you to spend every waking hour in each others pockets; you both need your own space and your own interests and still make time to share things together.

Whether the questions you have are petty, such as if your partner is willing to replace the toilet roll in the bathroom when it runs out or a more serious question, like do you want want children, the questions should be asked. If you are both willing to work on your communication skills and share intimately with each other then your future together will most definitely be a bright one!