Couples Who Elope

elopingA wedding is about the bride and groom making a commitment to each other and most of the time this takes place in front of their loved ones, but sometimes a couple want to commit to each other alone.  A lot of friends and family members have a hard time understanding this so why is it that some couples forgo the big white wedding with all the trimmings to run off together and elope?

When you hear the word 'elope' most people would automatically think of a secret rendezvous between a young couple who are sneaking away and getting married in secret but nowadays there is no stigma attached to eloping and a lot of people are very open about it and inform everyone before hand so they are aware of where they are going and why.

The planning of the couple's wedding day may of started out in the traditional way with organising a church or reception, looking at cakes and flowers and dresses etc, but at some point reality sets in and they begin to wonder if they are doing the right thing.  At this point they begin to think of other options and eloping just might be the right one for them.  It may have started out as a joke but it should be considered very seriously.  There are even books available which explain the best way to elope, the best venues and even advice on how to break the news to your friends and family.

Reasons for Elopment

There are many reasons why people chose the option of eloping

  • pregnant brideYou are pregnant and want to get married before the baby is born.
  • A traditional wedding even on a budget can become expensive.  Even after a couple has received quotes for venues and food sometimes the budget needs to be stretched that little bit further without them realising it.
  • Organising a wedding takes time, something the couple may not have enough of.
  • Perhaps it is a second marriage for one or both of them and they do not want any nonsense.
  • A couple may have been together for quite a long time and even lived together and as most couples now pay for their own weddings, the cost of eloping may be much more appealing, particularly if the couple are considering buying a house or starting a family.
  • Less stress and worry, particularly on the actual day.  This is also relevant to stress involving guests, it is very hard to please everyone and you can't get the food or venue or your colour scheme right for every individual person.
  • A lot of couples find this type of organisation hard on their relationship so if a couple feel they wouldn’t make it down the aisle if they did it traditionally then eloping is definitely for them.
  • Perhaps the couple's parents object to the union or a parent does not get on with the partner chosen by their son or daughter.
  • Couples can incorporate their wedding day and their honeymoon at the same time, for instance getting married in Las Vegas.
  • There may be tension within one of the families and the bride and groom feel that avoiding a large family gathering is the safer option to avoid any altercations on their special day.
  • Family members may be abroad and not able to travel.
  • Perhaps the families are too large to cater for, not just the expense but also the space needed to accommodate everyone.
  • The couple might already be in a romantic location on holiday and it is a spur of the moment decision they suddenly make.
  • The couple want to be unusual.
  • Eloping can be considered a very romantic way to get married.
  • Perhaps one of you is changing your religion and your family are not happy about it.
  • One of the couple may be too embarrassed about speaking out and saying their vows in front of their family and friends preferring to have a more intimate setting.
  • You have received a job offer along with relocation and you want to organise things before you leave.

There are just so many different reasons why a couple would choose to elope but perhaps they are just so in love that they cannot wait another minute to be together.  Whatever the reason is, you must ensure that you discuss your options with your partner at great length, do not rush into it too quickly as you do not want to regret any decisions you make.

Eloping Tips to Consider

If you are considering eloping you should ask yourself seriously if it is the right option for you.  Whilst you may believe it to be romantic and less expensive, it does have its downfalls.  The  following are some tips for you to think about:

  • running manContemplate having photographs taken by a professional, just because there is only the two of you there does not mean you won't want your own photographic memories; this will also give you something to share with your loved ones.
  • Try to take into consideration the feelings of your closest family and friends, they are more than likely going to be very upset at the thought of not seeing you 'walk down that aisle' but there is always the option of throwing a large reception party at a later stage.
  • Ensure you explain to your loved ones the reason why they are not being invited and you want to 'go it alone'.
  • If you are getting married locally, perhaps organise a meal afterwards to celebrate your marriage with your family.
  • Be sure to look at as much information about where you want to go as possible, will you need a marriage licence, will you have to wait a certain amount of days etc.
  • Have you considered who will be your witnesses?
  • Don’t forget if you are eloping abroad; make sure you are up to date on the relevant vaccinations.

Elope to Gretna Green

This is of course the legendry place to get married, many couples ran away to get married and ended up at the anvil in Gretna Green which is the first village you come to when you cross over the Scottish border.  A long time ago you could get married at the age of 16 in Gretna Green but the laws have changed significantly and you can no longer have a 'quickie' wedding.

The meaning behind the anvil is quite a romantic one.  As the blacksmith seals metal to metal on the anvil, it signifies that an anvil priest would join a couple in a similar way so that they were then 'forged' in love.

Gretna Green continues to be an extremely popular place to get married.

Gone are the times of ladder climbing and hiding away to run off and get married.  As long as the venue or the timing is a surprise to others it is classed as eloping.  It is not for everyone but dealt with correctly it can be just as romantic and memorable as a traditional wedding.