Wedding Basics

For all those things that don't fit nicely into another category, but are often fundamental to your wedding, we have created the Wedding Basics section.

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How to Get Married - Ok, you finally got your man to say yes. Congratulations the politicians will be giving you a pat on the back for promoting marriage. Now the question is; where do you start?

Wedding Countdown - in this section we give you information and hints on how to keep your timescales under control and avoid a last minute panic!

6 Month Countdown - in this section we give you information and hints on how to keep your timescales under control and really avoid a last minute panic when you only have 6 months to plan everything.

Saving for your Wedding - The average cost of a wedding is reported to be £18,000. This in reality, is a lot of money, and most people don't have that sort of cash at their disposal. So what are the options? You could take out a loan, but do you really want to start off married life in debt?

Who Pays for the Wedding - Whoever pays for the wedding its important when planning your wedding to set yourself a budget and stick to it. This is especially true if your parents are paying for the wedding.

Wedding Documentation - As with most things in life you need to get your paperwork in order before you can get married.

Getting Engaged - Getting engaged can be listed high as one of life’s experiences with an understanding of commitments between two people that a marriage will take place.

Marriage Proposal - When you meet someone that you are ready to marry, and spend the rest of your life with, you have to decide when and where to pop the question.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements -Hearing the word ‘pre-nuptial’ throws our thoughts into the world of rich people, film stars and celebrities, where reams of documents laying down restrictions and clauses are poured over by lawyers and clients alike.  Marriages have even been known to be halted until signatures have been applied to the ‘contract’.

Second Marriage - If you are getting married for the second time around it is still a new beginning for you and your partner, a reason to celebrate and start your new life together and exciting for you both.

Joint Wedding - Most couples that live together, but never get round to marrying, do so because they believe it’s too expensive to get marred. But I wonder if they had ever considered having a joint wedding?

Changing Your Name - You thought the decision making was over when you said ‘I do’ and finally managed to sort everything for the wedding and honeymoon. However you still need to decide whether or not you wish to take your husbands name.

Civil Partnerships - On the 18 November 2004 the Civil Partnership Act Law was passed and came into force on December 5th 2005.  Civil partnerships are a legal union between two people of the same sex and give the partnered couples all the key elements that come with marriage.

Green Wedding - The Government is slowly but surely starting to drag the issue of the environment to the top of the political agenda, encouraging us all to look at how we can reduce our own individual carbon-footprint on the planet.

Children & Weddings - Are you umming and arring about whether to invite children to your wedding? Are you worried that if you do they might ruin your big day?

Wedding Ring Metal - The metal used in your wedding ring not only affects the look of the ring but also how hardwearing it is – think about how thin your grandmothers wedding ring has worn and you can see that rings worn everyday will wear away gradually. If your job involves manual work but you want to wear your ring all the time then look for a hard wearing metal.

Wedding Ring Profile - There are many popular profiles; which you choose is largely a matter of personal taste, although you will find that the shape of your fingers will make some profiles more comfortable for you than others – its important to get this right as wearing an item of jewellery everyday for the rest of your life requires a reasonable level of comfort!.

Keep Marriage Fresh - Here’s our top 10 ideas to help keep your relationship in the best of health.

Renewing Your Wedding Vows - To recapture your wedding day or celebrate a special anniversary by renewing your vows can be romantic, magical, exciting and fun to do. You can renew your vows whenever you want and there is no limit on how many times you do so.