Wedding Ring Finish

With the tips from the first two articles you should be an expert in wedding ring metals, profiles, weight and depth and be confident that you’re choosing a ring which will last you a lifetime.  Now we can move onto the fun bit – choosing the decoration and personalisation.

Most people dream of having a totally unique wedding ring, designed just for them and attracting many admiring glances. While others are happy to settle for an ‘off the shelf’ ring because they think a bespoke designer ring will be just too expensive.

Of course you can spend a lot on having a wedding ring made for you (although even that may not cost as much as you think) but you can also create an almost unique ring just by selecting your finish and decorations.

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The wedding ring series of articles

Wedding Ring Finish

The most common finish for a wedding ring is a mirror finish where the ring is polished until the metal becomes highly reflective. This is a simple finish which looks elegant and traditional when combined with a classic gold band, or ultra modern and sleek in one of the silver metals.

You may prefer to add texture to the ring surface by opting for a fine or course matt finish such as this satin finish.

Shown on a heavy court ring.

ring finish satin

If you’re looking for a more unusual finish which covers the ring you can opt for a stronger texture such as hammered.

The example is a flat court ring. While this can be a very attractive look for a mans wedding ring it is also quite elegant and understated on a ring with a smaller width.

ring finish hammered

Standard finishes can also be combined with more intricate decoration or with each other to create beautiful designs. A combination of mirror and matt finishes gives an unfussy designer touch.

For a wonderful sense of sparkle without a mirror finish consider a sandblast treatment.

Sandblasting looks a little like a very fine matt finish but reflects the light in a more diffused way, giving a very subtle and stylish finish.

ring finish sandblast

In this example the central convex groove with a high shine finish orbits the satin finish of the band.

ring finsih groove

While here the ring features a satin centre & polished, bevelled edges, which can be applied to all metals and rings that have a flat exterior

ring finish bevelled

Patterned and Diamond Cut Rings

Any and all of these designs can also be combined with pattern or diamond cut details to further individualise them.

You may choose a simple band cut around your ring which can be placed centrally or asymmetrically, or a more sensuous design with curves and elegant swirls.

ring finish swirl

You can choose diamond cut edges, which can incorporate a variety of different designs on rings of most designs and metals.

Or can opt for a more complex design with multiple grooves, channels and cut patterns as a repeat or single design such as this Cuidado Flat Court Ring with a satin finish on the surface of the ring which is then attractively set with a diamond cut detail circling the band continuously.

diamond cut finish

Two Tone Wedding Rings

Finally, any of these unique touches can be applied to a two tone ring, in any combination you choose. Here are just a few of the many combinations of colour and finish you can achieve.

Hopefully the images here will demonstrate that if you have an idea for your wedding ring, don't hesitate to ask your jeweller if they can make it - they probably can!


ring finish two tone

Diamonds and Stones

diamond gold wedding ringAlthough wedding rings are traditionally plain, it is becoming more common to choose to add diamonds or even other precious stones to your ring. Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands with diamonds do not normally use a ‘mount’ which holds the stones proud of the band, but insets them into the metal of the ring itself.  A ring which will include stones should therefore be deep enough to allow them to be properly set and secure.

Diamonds for wedding rings come in all the standard cuts, so you can choose to echo your engagement ring with a diamond of similar shape if you wish. Simple styles tend to work best, like this beautiful ring set with 0.50ct diamonds offset against one edge of the ring.

Diamond set rings are practical for people working in manual jobs as the diamonds are, of course, tougher than the metal they are set into. Wear and tear on your jewellery can, however, cause the stones to loosen and so make sure you buy from a reputable jeweller who will be able to check the ring and reset any stones as necessary from time to time.

Wedding Ring Engraving

Finally we come to the ultimate personalisation of your wedding ring. Engraving a message on the inside of your ring is an opportunity to mark the occasion or to send a secret message to your loved one. Text can be engraved in different fonts to match the style of your ring. The engraving normally circles the inside of the ring, or you could consider a two part engraving which makes a complete message when your two rings are put together.

Popular engravings include the wedding date, your two names or a brief message of love. A quote from a favourite poem, book or even film can make the ring very personal, although  we suggest this isn’t the time for Arnies famous “Hasta la vista, baby!”