Who Pays for the Wedding

coinsNot so long ago parents of the bride paid for the wedding. This wedding tradition is proving to be one of those which hasn't always been upheld by modern couples.

Some couples have also been able to secure financial support from the Groom's parents, while other couples have chosen to go it alone and pay for there own wedding.

Whoever pays for the wedding its important when planning your wedding to set yourself a budget and stick to it. This is especially true if your parents are paying for the wedding.

Money is often one of the biggest bones of contention when planning a wedding. In in order to minimise the risk, stick to your wedding budget and ensure parents know exactly what they are being asked to contribute.

It's essential to make it clear from the onset that although you maybe receiving financial assistance from your parents, and of which you are truly grateful and you appreciate any suggestions they might have, ultimately its your wedding and you will have the final say.

Here is a breakdown of how the wedding costs are traditionally allocated. However remember there are no hard and fast rules here apart from trying to remain in budget!

The Parents of the Bride

- The Engagement and Wedding Announcement
- The Bride's dress and accessories
- The Bridesmaid dresses
- Pageboy outfit
- Mother of the Bride outfit
- Their own outfits
- Transportation for the bridal party
- Floral bouquet for the church and reception
- Wedding reception and all other expenses associated with it
- Wedding Cake
- Toastmaster
- Wedding Photographer and/or Wedding Videographer
- Wedding Stationery and postage expenses
- Bouquet for the Bride and Bridesmaid's*
- Buttonholes for the wedding participants and guests*
- Travel and accommodation expenses for the Bride's family
- Wedding present for the Bride and Groom

* this cost can also be allocated to the Groom

The Parents of the Groom

- The Grooms outfit, the Best Man and Usher outfits
- Travel and accommodation expenses for the Groom's family
- Their own wedding outfits
- Wedding present for the Bride and Groom

The Bride

- Hen Party
- The Groom's wedding ring
- Present for the Groom
- Hair and Bridal make-over on the day
- Going-away outfit
- Gifts for her wedding attendants*

* this cost can also be allocated to both the Bride and Groom

The Groom

- The Stag Party
- The engagement ring
- The Bride's wedding ring
- The hiring of the suits for himself, Best Man and the Ushers
- Transportation for himself and Best Man to wedding venue
- Transportation for Bride and Groom to reception
- Civil or church licence fees
- Bride's and Bridesmaid bouquets
- Bouquet for both mothers*
- Buttonholes for himself, Best Man and Ushers 
- Corsages for both mothers
- Honeymoon*
- Gifts for the Grooms wedding attendants*
- Going-away outfit
- Transportation for himself and his new wife away from the wedding reception
- Wedding night venue

* this cost can also be allocated to both the Bride and the Groom

The Bride and Groom

- Gifts for the parents, Best Man and wedding attendants
- The Honeymoon
- Any additional expenses which have exceeded the original wedding budget

The above list is only a guideline and can be altered to suit your own family circumstances.