Decorating the Wedding Car

wedding carTo add another talking point to your wedding, why not consider having your wedding car decorated to show everyone that you have just tied the knot!  For some weddings, this may not be possible but if you have the chance to, and have permission from the owner to modify the car slightly, then why shouldn't you bring your own personal touch to your wedding transport.

Usually the bride and groom are not involved in decorating the car.  Many years ago this would have been done as a prank by the groomsmen, mainly the best man, in order to embarrass the young couple who have no option but to get in the car as it would be their last means of transport.  Nowadays there is no reason why the newlyweds can't have a say in what goes on the car.

If you are hiring your car, be sure to check with the hire company about decorations.  They may already be able to provide you with some fancy ribbons for the car but if you prefer not to have the standard 'v' shaped ribbon indicating a wedding car then perhaps you could ask if they have anything a bit more 'glitzy'.

Things to Use When Decorating Your Wedding Car

Following are some suggestions about the sort of decorations you can get to make your wedding car that little bit more special.

  • A traditional classic is of course the beer cans tied to rope and attached to the rear of the car, but it doesn't have to be beer cans that are added.  It could be something more personal to the couple and as long as they are not easily breakable then why not add them instead.  Years ago people added leather shoes to the bumper believing that they would keep evil spirits away.
  • Attaching something to the antenna of the car is a good idea, it could be the bride's favourite flower or a mini football or even just some ribbon that flows in the air.
  • Balloons can be added inside the car so that when the doors are opened, the balloons, which you will have filled with helium, will all fly away.
  • Banners and streamers can be made and purchased.
  • Fake licence plates are cute but should not cover the original plate and should be attached with care.
  • Flowers, whether they are real or silk make a lovely addition.
  • For the traditional 'Just Married' signs that are usually written on the car you can buy special window markers, window paint or even liquid chalk from a craft store.
  • Personalising anything you add to the car is a wonderful touch.
  • Ribbon can be left to trail behind or wrapped around doors etc.  A good ribbon should be approximately two inches wide.
  • Shaving cream messages on the windows of the car can be fun but beware that it does not get on the paint as it can cause some real damage.
  • Try magnet signs that are easily put on and taken off.
  • Using crayons can be a good idea as long as you are able to wipe them clean afterwards.

Wrapping the car completely in toilet paper or streamers may look like a good photo opportunity but remember, this will take some time, it will be ruined the minute the doors are opened and it could get a little messy when the couple drives away.

If you are stuck for creative ideas, as an easier option, it is possible to buy a wedding car decorating kit which comes complete with paper bells, streamers, string, balloons and window markers etc complete with instructions and ideas about how to use them.

Wedding Care Decoration Tips to Remember

  • A small and classy decoration should be added to the car just before it takes the happy couple away from the church to the reception but if the car is then driving them to the airport or another destination, that is then the time to go a bit wild.
  • Be sure to get some clear tape so that you can stick things down, you don't want them falling off as the bride and groom drive away.
  • Do not use anything that will mark the car such as abrasive items, the idea is to make the car stand out so that everyone will admire it not to ruin it.
  • Ensure you consider the couple's feelings when the car is being decorated.  If they are a quiet and demure pair then perhaps they would not appreciate flashing lights and loud sirens going off as they drive to their next venue.  It is a tradition to be a little gaudy but as long as it is not too over the top then hopefully the bride will not be too upset at the look of her car and will enjoy the funny side of it.
  • Glitter is not always a good idea as it might be a little difficult to clean away afterwards and the last thing the couple wants is a cleaning bill.
  • Make the messages a little saucy if you think the couple will appreciate it but the aim is not to offend anyone!
  • Never add anything into the gas tank of the car.
  • Try not to block out any views from the car windows, yes you want to make it look pretty but you also want the couple to drive away safely.  When you have finished decorating, sit in the car yourself and just make sure that you are able to see out of all of the windows.

If the decorating of the car is a surprise to the bride and groom, make sure there are plenty of cameras ready to capture the look on their faces when they see it for the first time.

What a lovely 'gift' to give to the bride and groom!  Be as creative as you can as well as respectful and any newlywed couple will love and enjoy their journey in the newly decorated car.