Organising your Wedding Day

Getting everything prepared for you wedding day takes careful planning and patience. There are lots of things to do and most depend on each other to ensure a smooth day passes by.

This section covers everything you need to know to make sure that you enjoy your plans unfolding, rather than stressing out as things fall apart.

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Wedding Favours - The wedding favour custom originated from Italy. Wedding favours, traditionally called “bomboniere“, were made from five sugar-coated almonds gathered together in different tulles or nets.

Wedding Flowers - Most of the wedding magazines will be able to tell you what’s hip and trendy at the moment but I think its more important to find something that you actually like, as this will make for a good starting point when you come to meet your florist.

Silk Wedding Flowers - Silk flowers have undergone a dramatic transformation over the years from having a reputation for looking cheap and lifeless to being indistinguishable from real flowers.

Wedding Guest Book - You normally come across guest books at the entrance of historical buildings such as museums, galleries and stately homes, however, more brides and grooms are choosing to have them at their wedding. The book allows guests to express their thoughts.

Wedding Horse Drawn Carriage - Step back in time and imagine when transport was powered by the elegance and grace of a horse. Where the roar of the engine would be a horse moving from a trot to a gallop. We are talking about the era of the horse-drawn carriage.

Wedding Photographer - For me the photographer was about as important as finding the right dress. What’s the point in looking amazing and feeling amazing if the photographer can’t capture your mood?

Poems and Readings - You don’t have to have a poem or a reading during your wedding ceremony. But they offer the bride and groom a great way to personalise their ceremony and involve close friends and family in the proceedings.

Toast Master - Our friends got married the year before we did and had a toastmaster. He gave that extra element of pomp to the occasion, which made the wedding seem even more splendid.

Wedding Transport - When I was growing up as a child I always loved the wedding cars. Didn’t know what they we called, I just knew they were beautiful. The whole town would capture a glimpse of a bride as she was driven to the church at snail pace in her Rolls Royce.

Wedding Videographer - Having a wedding video allows you to recapture a sequence of events on your wedding day in a way that photographs just can’t. You pull together emotions from the sounds and movements of your guests, the atmosphere can be represented far more accurately than with still photos alone.

Wedding Vows - Your wedding vows consists of two main parts for weddings in  England and Wales, firstly you are required to say the statutory words in order for their marriage to be legal and secondly you can add your own vows.

Wedding Webcam - Many venues, especially registry offices, have webcams all set up so that you can broadcast your wedding to the masses. It's a great idea if you have friends or relatives that can't attend your wedding for one reason or another - it may not be the same as being there, but it's better than nothing.

Wedding Wishing Well - An increasing number of bride and grooms have already set up home together and have everything they need by the time they get round eventually tying the knot. Therefore, rather than asking guests for unwanted presents many are choosing to ask for money instead.