Disposable Cameras at your Wedding

Before the day we bought some small cheap disposable cameras and placed one on each table, with a polite note asking guests to be our eyes on the day and take photos of the happy couple and then other guests. We left a box at the bar and a friend went round at the end of the night and collected up the cameras and then developed them for when we got back from our honeymoon.

I can highly recommend it, capturing family and friends over the course of a day, as they slowly allow the alcohol to take affect, is priceless.

Don't Forget Instructions!

Be sure to leave instructions on how to operate the camera, where to leave it when used up and bring extra attention to telling people to turn the flash on!

You can use 'camera cards', see below, to leave on each table next to the disposable camera itself with this information. As well as gold and silver you can buy loads more colours, follow the links below and you can browse the whole range.