Fireworks for Weddings - Part I

When organising your wedding entertainment, if you decide to move away from just the traditional disco or live band, why not consider having a firework display which will certainly wow your wedding guests?

It is believed that fireworks originally came from China around the Sixth Century when they started out as a firecracker and progressed on to a firework in the Twelve Century. Gunpowder was wrapped inside paper which when exploded was meant to scare away any evil spirits.

When a person thinks of fireworks they usually think about the large bang that starts off a wonderful light display. A firework is designed not only to produce noise and light but also smoke and sometimes materials such as confetti could float to the ground. They are intended to burn showing some amazing colours and sparks displaying rich colours such as purple, orange and green etc.

Wedding Firework Options

There are plenty of options that are available to you for your wedding and you can find a large amount of information on the internet. There are companies that can offer you 'packages' for your special day or you may prefer to deal with the display yourselves in which case you should research it thoroughly, including the safety tips to ensure that all goes well on the day.

Whether you are 'doing it yourself' or getting the professionals in, you might like to start your reception off with a 'bang' and get the fireworks started early, remembering of course that any wedding firework display looks better at night time! Or perhaps you and your partner wish to leave the party followed by a dramatic display as you get into your car and drive away.

Look into the following options to see if any are suitable for your needs:

  • Extras: it is possible to get some 'extra' features included into your display which could include projecting flames, fountains of fire going down the driveway, your initials in flames or even lasers.
  • Firework Display: these can range in price and length of display and are generally just fireworks.
  • Indoor: Some companies can offer this facility which would certainly make things a lot easier should you experience any bad weather.
  • Less Noise: these quieter fireworks are definitely the option for you if you are restricted to a noise level or if you just prefer a quieter party yourself. The bangs are a lot quieter but the lights are just as amazing.
  • Pyromusicals: these fireworks can be arranged to be set off with music playing in sequence with the explosions.
  • Surprise: there is always an element of surprise with fireworks as no one really knows what to expect but you could keep it from your guests completely. Imagine the look on their faces if during the wedding photographs the display starts going off?

Pros and Cons of Wedding Fireworks

Remember that not everyone at your wedding will enjoy a firework display so if you have planned something special and it is outdoors, don't be too offended if you have a few guests, particularly those with small children, who stay inside during the display. Following are a few pros and cons which may help you decide:


  • If your wedding photographer can capture the images of the fireworks you will have some beautiful pictures.
  • The display alongside music or even your first dance will create a memorable event.
  • You can choose the colour theme of your display.
  • Your guests will certainly remember your wedding and it will be one that gets talked about often.


  • A large display could prove to be expensive.
  • It will be a noisy (and possibly scary) experience for some.
  • Leave behind a mess that will need to be cleaned up.
  • Possibly bad for the environment.

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