Aphrodisiac Food on Your Wedding Night

raw oysterAfter the wedding ceremony is over and you have partied the night away, most newlyweds are not feeling energetic enough to consummate the marriage in the traditional way.  To plan for this event therefore, why not prepare and try out some aphrodisiac foods to get you both in the mood?

Originally aphrodisiacs were used as a possible solution believed to increase not only fertility but also to resolve any anxieties relating to sex that a person might have including any fears of inadequate performance. 

Foods were put into categories which related to either fertility or sexual desire.  Most of these foods either resembled male or female private parts or were believed to have natural powers.  There were as you would expect disagreements about which foods had the right qualities to be classed as an aphrodisiac but in ancient times they believed the following foods to be high on the list: anise, basil, carrot, gladiolus root, orchid bulbs, pistachio nuts, river snails, rocket, sage, salvia, sea fennel and turnips.  At the time it was recommended that in order to avoid a decreased drive (known as an anaphrodiasiacs) a person should refrain from having any dill, lentils, lettuce, rue, water lily or watercress.

These potent foods are not exclusively for your wedding night of course, they can be used during the honeymoon, on the night that you plan to make your proposal or even just for a night where you want to be in the mood for love.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is something, usually a food or a drink, which is believed to increase the libido and make sex more pleasurable.  This has never been confirmed however by medical science who claims that these foods are more of a placebo as the user believes the foods will make them feel more amorous and therefore they do.

It is not only food and drink that are believed to have these magical powers over people’s minds and bodies but substances that are considered phallic in shape, such as the rhinoceros horn.

Your A-Z Guide to Aphrodisiac Food

Couples are always looking to spice things up a bit and scientists have shown that people are affected in many different ways by different smells and tastes.

In order to choose the right foods to get you and your partner feeling romantic and passionate about each other, check out our guide list below for ideas and suggestions on what you can use the foods for.

Abalone: thought in the Far East to be good luck if eaten these little snails are being illegally harvested not just for their shells but also for their aphrodisiac qualities.

  • trufflesAcai Berries: resembling a grape this fruit is believed to increase not only energy levels but also sexual performance and even improve the appearance of the skin.  It has also been linked to weight loss.  It can be consumed as a whole fruit or blended into a smoothie but beware of the large stone inside that takes up almost eight percent of the fruit.
  • Alcohol and Champagne: found to increase confidence as well as lower inhibitions but not recommended in large qualities.
  • Almond: thought to bring about high feelings of passion within a woman and also a symbol of fertility.  Use almond paste to make marzipan fruit shapes and tempt your partner into bed to feed each other with them.
  • Aniseed:  The Romans and the Greeks used this seed believing it to have special powers.
  • Asafoetida: with a potent garlic flavour this herb is used in some medicines as a stimulant.
  • Asparagus: renowned for its phallic shape it is used as a popular aphrodisiac food.  The Vegetarian Society believes that in order to gain a powerful affect from these foods that you should eat them for three days in a row.  Why not relax and feed your lover with these opulent vegetables or add them with smoked salmon and make a lovely omelette to share.
  • Avocado: the Aztecs thought the avocado fruit looked like men's testicles when hanging from the tree in pairs.  With its soft and sensuous texture this would be great cut up into slices and dipped into balsamic vinegar.
  • Banana: eaten just before getting romantic this phallic shaped fruit is a great source of energy as it is rich in vitamin B and potassium.  Make a banana smoothie or be a little more adventurous and try a banoffee pie to get the juices flowing.
  • Basil: with a wonderful aroma this will have a stimulating effect on anyone.
  • Carrots: for men this is alleged to be a wonderful stimulant as it is high in beta-carotene and vitamins so why not add an extra slice of carrot cake onto his plate.
  • Caviar: a mystical food high in zinc assumed to be the symbol of fertility particularly amongst the Egyptians.
  • Caviar: stimulating testosterone and high in zinc.
  • Celery: containing male hormones this should be eaten raw to obtain maximum effect.
  • Chilli: known to get your heart racing and good for the circulation, red chillies in particular are more potent and can heat up any evening.  Try making chilli crab cakes or add to vegetable in a stir fry.
  • Chocolate: We’ve all heard the expression about chocolate being better than sex and while the cocoa content in milk chocolate is not high enough to have aphrodisiac effects it is believed that dark chocolate contains stimulants that produce serotonin which can make anyone feel good.  Chocolate was even banned by many monasteries as when taken it can stimulate increased activity and lower inhibitions.  Strawberries dipped in warm chocolate and fed to your partner is enough to excite even the passionless person.
  • Cinnamon: a spice used in Asia for its medicinal purposes it has been used, in some countries, to stimulate the genitals by rubbing a drop of cinnamon oil into the area.
  • Clams: try cooking these shellfish with some tomatoes and perhaps add a little of your favourite sherry.  Clams are high in zinc and considered to have aphrodisiac qualities.
  • Coffee: stimulating to the mind and body but too much and it will have the reverse effect.  For maximum effect drink a small amount of rich coffee.
  • Coriander: known also as the cilantro seed and said to be a stimulant for appetite.  A thousand year old book from Arabia claims that a man infertile for forty years was cured by eating coriander.
  • Fennel: used by the Egyptians as a libido enhancement fennel has a natural source of oestrogen.
  • figsFigs: this sweet and exotic fruit resembles the female parts and was used by the ancient Greeks during their orgy rituals.  To show off your erotic side to your partner figs should be eaten with your fingers and served fresh in a bowl of cool water.
  • Garlic: understood to stir up sexual desire within a person from the heat of the garlic and good for circulation.  Enjoy the flavour within your favourite pasta dish but ensure that you both eat it together.
  • Ginger: used for centuries as an aphrodisiac this root can be served raw or cooked and is a great stimulant.  Try it grated into a vegetable stir fry to add flavour and passion.
  • Ginseng: a common cooking ingredient particularly in Korean and Chinese food, ginseng is thought to increase sexual desire.
  • Honey: used in Egyptian times as a medicine for impotence and sterility this nectar is believed to sweeten any partnership.  Add into a hot drink for an extra sweet taste or why not treat yourselves to some mango and honey pancakes.
  • Lavender: used in cooking or as an aromatherapy option this wonderful aromatic flower is thought to attract men more than women and it is also believed to keep evil spirits away from the home.
  • Liquorice: highly stimulating to a woman and used by the Chinese in medicines liquorice is sweeter than sugar by fifty times.  It is whispered that liquorice enhances feelings of lust and love.
  • Mint: grown all over the world and containing various vitamins the mint not only tastes good but is beneficial for calming both the body and the mind.
  • Mushroom: revered since ancient times and believed to be the provider of much strength mushrooms are great cooked or raw.
  • Mustard: this is believed to stimulate not only the sex glands but also to increase sexual desire.  Try adding peppercorns to make a sauce and eat with a succulent and tender roast.
  • Nutmeg: use this to cover your favourite dessert or perhaps in a hot drink.  This spice was valued by the women in China as an aphrodisiac but too much consumption can lead to hallucinations.
  • Onion: in India they believe the onion, despite its strong smell, to be an aphrodisiac.  You can eat it cooked in a curry or raw in a salad.
  • Oysters: with a high zinc content oysters are alleged to not only increase libido but also help produce quality sperm as well as looking like the female genitalia.  These are wonderful to eat along with a cold glass of champagne or for a different sensation try Oyster sauce in a chicken chow mein.
  • Pine Nuts: high in zinc and used in Medieval times pine nuts are believed to stimulate your brain as well as your libido.  Add to cookies as a starter for a spicy evening with your loved one or try them in a salad.
  • Pineapple: this fruit is high in vitamin C and good for the digestive system.  Pineapple is wonderful dipped into a sweet Rum or chocolate fountain or glazed with sweet and sour pork.
  • Radish: the Egyptian pharaohs enjoyed the stimulation of the palate produced by the radish’s spicy taste.
  • Rocket (Arugula): most commonly used in pasta or salads this leaf has a strong mustardy flavour which can stimulate your taste buds and make your mouth more sensitive.
  • Saffron: this rare and beautiful spice has a wonderful quality which according to the Knights of Arabia is more effective on women than men.
  • Salmon: with a great source of protein which is essential for stamina the salmon is also supposed to enhance your moods by elevating the serotonin levels in your brain.
  • Seaweed: supposed to help maintain a good and healthy sex drive due to the manganese mineral found in seaweed and popular in sushi.
  • Shrimp: eaten on their own or with a main dish these little tiny seafood delights are full of protein and good for providing energy.
  • Strawberries and Raspberries: an aphrodisiac more for the way they are used rather than the chemical contents but they are high in vitamin C and great for sharing with your partner.  Whip up some strawberry crumble or even a raspberry and passion fruit tart and don’t forget the whipped cream.
  • Tomato: Believed to help lower the risk in men of prostate cancer the tomato was called the apple of love in ancient times.  Try the plump red fruit in a rocket salad and you will have double the effect.
  • Truffles: this rare and musky delicacy is considered to arouse not only the palate but also the body.
  • Vanilla: if you intend to increase your lust then the smell and flavour of vanilla will definitely help you get into the mood.  Add to champagne and it will really spice up your evening.
  • Watermelon: it was recently confirmed that the nutrient citrulline found in the watermelon can help to relax blood vessels which is similar to what Viagra does.

There are some unusual options you can try to tempt your loved one into a passionate night of love making, these can include:

  • blow fishBlowfish: Definitely not a food that is recommended but is considered to be a thrill as if not prepared correctly it can produce deadly effects.
  • Crushed Pearl: just a sprinkling of the dust into a drink could add that extra oomph you have been looking for.  It was used in ancient times in Japan and China as an aphrodisiac and as long as it is in a crushed form it can be digested.
  • Hornet's Honey: according to the Japanese, if you should eat the honey of this giant hornet you will obtain incredible stamina.
  • Scorpion: obviously it is not recommended to eat a live scorpion but in some areas you can find them in bottles of alcohol similar to the worm in tequila.  A preferred form may be the caramelised sweet versions.
  • Sea Urchin: assumed to be an aphrodisiac in Japan the flesh of the sea urchin is scooped out and eaten.  This spiky-shelled creature does not look appealing on the outside but its contents are believed to increase the libido.

It is a personal preference as to the foods that you choose and they may not affect everyone in quite the same way but the easiest way to find out is to experiment and find the right ones for you and your partner.   There does seem to be a running theme throughout the list which includes fruit and vegetables as well as seafood and luckily there seems to be a wide range of foods and smells available to tempt you and your partner to be more passionate about and with each other.   

You can even start your evening with another action considered to be erotic which is feeding your partner some wedding cake.  The slice raised to your partner's mouth on your special day should be enough to get your body temperature rising and your pulse racing for all the right reasons.  Perhaps its time to grab your pen and paper and make some additions to your shopping list!