Wedding Food and Drink

The food..... such a simple thing, we all eat it every day - but get this wrong on your wedding day and your wedding could be remembered for all the wrong reasons!

This section covers everything you need to know to make sure that both you and your guests eat and drink fantastic food to ensure the feast is remembered for years to come!

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Wedding Catering - For me going to a wedding, apart from seeing the bride and groom tie the knot, the second most important thing about the day is the food. Food can often make, or break, a wedding.

Wedding Cake - The wedding cake is often a focal point during your reception - choosing the right cake can enhance the atmosphere, and if it is made well, give your guests a taste to remember!

Wedding Cake : History and Traditions - Wedding cakes have throughout the years become the focus of a variety of customs and traditions, some of which are still carried out while others have been long forgotten.

Wedding Cake : Transportation - Getting your wedding cake from A to Z without damaging it can be quite a daunting thought but with preparation, care and organisation your delicate and wonderful wedding cake can arrive at the venue intact.

Chocolate Fountains - With chocolate being a girls best friend second only to diamonds its no wonder that sales in Chocolate Fountains have reached record heights.

Wedding Drinks and Canapés - On your wedding day you may have guests that arrive in the morning and remain with you throughout the whole day - sometimes it will be cold, sometimes it will be hot. You may have long gaps with your guests waiting around, for example during the photography.