Hearse Delivers Bride to Wedding

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Brides have travelled to their wedding in a variety of modes of transport but onlookers did a double take outside the Wakefield Register Office when one bride arrived in a hearse complete with coffin.

Julie was dressed in a long black lacy dress with matching veil and black satin ribbons.  Her black and white gothic make up took her over two hours to complete and black painted nails could be seen around her bouquet.

The groom, Kevin, who is also known as Dylan, turned up in a top hat with a full length cane.  Dressed in a black frock coat with a full length Victorian scarf running down his back, while a red and black bow tie finished off his gothic outfit.

After the ceremony Julie placed a dog collar around Kevin’s neck and told him “It’s taken me this long to get you.  I’m not going to let you escape now”.

Photographs were taken of the newlyweds in and around their coffin which was made especially for their wedding.  The coffin was lined throughout with black satin and matching pillows and the words “Just Wedded, Julie & Dylan, True Love Forever” were inscribed into the wood.  The coffin now has pride of place in their front room as they use it for a coffee table.

One hundred guests attended the reception where the couple cut a black 3 tiered wedding cake.

Pagan couple Julie and Kevin had known each other for 27 years when they first met as 18 year olds.  They went their separate ways and got married to different partners and raised families.

“Marrying Julie is the best thing I’ve ever done – I only wish we’d done it a long time ago” Kevin said.

The new Mrs Holroyd said “We’re both gothic and I never wear anything but black so it just seemed like the natural thing to do”.

Gothic Weddings

Gothic weddings may appear dark, gloomy and strange to a woman that has dreamt of walking down the aisle on a cloud of white with harps playing; but each to their own when it comes to your own special day.

To those that live the Gothic lifestyle getting married in black with coffins and blood red roses is not seen as out of the ordinary.  Goth is by no means ordinary and the wedding ceremonies are usually simple and short.

Traditional Gothic vows are said and the couples’ wrists are bound together with a red cloth. Bride and Groom both drink red wine from a wedding goblet which symbolizes their ‘blood devotion’ to each other.

Different types of Goth weddings can be held, such as Victorian style or Transylvania themes.  Brides wear full long dresses of satin or velvet, usually with fitted bodices or a bustle attached.  Hairstyle can be long ringlets or flowers woven into the hair.

With colours of black, purples and red the Gothic wedding is today now not seen to many as something to mock or not take serious.

Gothic clothes, elaborate designed jewellery and head-pieces are worn daily so why should they not be incorporated into wedding days that are just as special to those that practice the gothic way.

Today’s wedding businesses have opened their eyes to the huge choice that brides and grooms to be want and it is now possible to have everything you want, whether it's a dress of black, white or baby pink to cakes of red, black or white, or from a horse drawn carriage to 6 black plumed horses putting a coffin.