Peter Andre and Jordan say 'I do' all over again

The King and Queen of media hype Peter Andre and Jordan, are planning on renewing their wedding vows at Walt Disney World. The couple have recently arrived back from their holiday in Florida, and enjoyed the trip so much that they plan to go back later this summer to celebrate their wedding anniversary and renew their wedding vows.

The couple married in a fairytale style wedding last September but in an interview with OK magazine Jordan said:

"Because of the run-up to our wedding with the planning and my postnatal depression and everything, I was really stressed, but I'm in such a good place now that I would really like to go there and have a blessing or something - we're talking about it now."

Jordan explained they the ceremony would not have as many guests second time round but her fans can rest easy as she reassured them "It won't be low-key!"

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