Tight Wedding Budget : The Wheels Come Off The Wedding Car

Despite the ready access to bank loans there is still plenty of wedding couples who choose to keep tight budgets and cut out elements from the day that they feel are non-essential.  Our WeddingChaos.co.uk survey, with 1,250 votes, had a clear target for what would get the chop first – a little over 27% said that the wedding transport would be the first to go.

This finding is disconcerting for anyone providing wedding transport, perhaps there is a single reason that stands out from the rest – the increase in the number of couples getting married in a venue, able to conduct the civil ceremonies itself, the wedding breakfast, the evening reception and even offer accommodation for the bridal party.

Nicki, from Worcestershire, told us that she has “cut the cost of their wedding by having an all in one venue - the cars are so expensive, and you are in there for a few minutes in most cases, so having an all in one venue saves the expense of a wedding car”.

This sentiment was repeated by our bride-to-be Ally, from Hertfordshire, who goes on to say: “I'm staying at the venue the night before the wedding so there's no need to make a grand arrival in a posh car. If that wasn't the case, I still wouldn't be too bothered, it's what happens when you get there that counts”.

To redress the balance we asked Nick Gash, from Weddings Royce, what his thoughts were on the survey results.  Nick believes that the money saved by not having something special to get you to your wedding does not make sense “given that any percentage saved on transportation, when compared to the Honeymoon, Photographers, Banquet et al – is going to be small change.”  Nick goes on to tell us that wedding couples are perhaps under a false impression as to the costs of hiring a luxury wedding car. “It is my belief that the majority of couples believe that the hiring of a luxury Rolls Royce, for example, will be far too expensive, and therefore often do not enquire as to the cost and will opt for a friends / family car.  The reality of it is that last year, our average cost was £245!"

Other Areas Slashed

Moving on from the wedding transport we saw that 18% of our members polled were willing to cut back on their honeymoon budget in the first instance. Go back 20 years and this figure would probably have not been as high as traditionally the honeymoon, for many couples, was the only opportunity they would get to go on an extended holiday. However with the increase in low-cost flights more couples are able to travel to distant parts at a fraction of the cost.

A comfort for the photographers and videographers is that less that 8% of our voters said they would cut back here first. When it comes to keeping the memories of the wedding day there is no better way than photographs or a video, and this seems to be keeping these professionals safe.

Most of our voters are future brides, so it came as no surprise that only 6.3% would consider slashing their wedding dress budget.  This could be something that changes over time with high street stores continue to produce and sell ever expanding ranges of budget bridal wear. Asda, BHS, H&M and M&S are leading the way, and if they persist, maybe we will see even more brides with wedding dresses in their shopping trolleys.

Possible the most welcoming news was for the wedding entertainment industry, in this sector there was less than 1 in 10 wedding couples that would cut back as the first option, music to the ears of DJ Ashley Riggs, who had this to say "Pay less for your wedding entertainment and you run the risk of booking a sub par dj, who provides a sub par performance, with sub par equipment. Feedback from our clients indicates that the bride and groom consider the entertainment to be between 70 and 90% responsible for the success of their receptions so I am happy to see that 90% of wedding couples would not cut the entertainment first."

Despite the range of options that could be voted for the poll concluded with over 40% of voters indicating that they would cut either transport or flowers first, it is the wedding professionals in these sectors that need to redouble their efforts to demonstrate why they are invaluable to the success, of perhaps, the biggest day in the bride and grooms life.