Wedding Videographers Play Second Fiddle to Photographers has conducted a survey of nearly 1000 people to find out whether wedding couples choose to have photographers, videographers or both at their wedding.

June 7th 2006 – 50% of wedding couples would hire only a professional wedding photographer for their big day, leaving out the videographer, yet only 2%, surprisingly, say they would save on costs by leaving out the photographer and hiring only the professional videographer.

32% of all couples, however, said that they would have the best of both worlds by hiring both a photographer and a videographer.

The survey also showed that 15% of couples thought they would do without both, or ask a friend, or family member, to photograph or video their wedding day, despite this being against the advice of professionals from both sides of the fence.

Faith Stone McNitt, a professional photographer at Faith Stone Photography, believes couples who can afford to, should consider having both, as they both compliment each other.

However Faith is a firm believer that if you have to choose between the two, then a professional photographer is the better choice as it “is a less obtrusive way of documenting the day. A photographer’s camera is smaller and he/she can move around to capture images of the day in a way that can often make the wedding party forget that they are even there. A videographer may capture your day, but a photographer will capture the day as well as special moments in time!”

On the other hand videographers will argue that video will allow you to relive the emotion of your wedding day, in a way that wedding photographs just can’t.

Andrew Cussens, a videographer from Marchmont Productions, told us:

"The thing to consider between photography and video is that photos tend to capture formal 'moments' whereas video enables you to enjoy the wider spirit of the day - often seeing things that you may have missed, or at least seeing things from a different perspective."

The survey shows that despite a professional video being able to capture moving images, and with modern technology can also produce stills, the vast majority of wedding couples would not forgo the photos in favour of the video.