Who Pays For The Modern Wedding?

WeddingChaos.co.uk has conducted a survey of nearly 1000 people to find out whether wedding couples are paying for their own wedding, taking out a loan, or passing the bill to their parents.

July 12th 2006 - 64% of bride and grooms are breaking with the age old tradition of the brides parents footing the bill, by paying for their own wedding. With less than 18% of couples preferring to stick with tradition and allowing the brides parents to pay for the wedding and only 13% of the bride and grooms parents joining together to pay for their children’s big day.

With nearly a thousand couples polled the results came as no surprise, confirming the steady shift in the way society views individual responsibilities, with financing for your own wedding being no exception.

Young couples in particular are less likely to rely on their parents for financial support, choosing rather to live together for a number of years and save up for their wedding. While couples who are perhaps more eager to start married life, but haven’t got the funds, only need contact a lender and take out a wedding loan, with many willing to lend as much as £25,000, to aid the fairy tale wedding.

Wedding Chaos asked some of its forum members what were their views on paying for their Wedding.

Bride to be, Ally from Hertfordshire, said she was happy to pay for her wedding, telling us; “I didn't want to take out a loan because I was brought up learning that if you can't afford it you can't have it, so we are having the things that matter most and cutting others that are less important. I don't mind paying for it myself because I care about it the most and then I can have whatever I want, not what my parents want, and I can keep control of it. Also at the end of the day I can say, we did that ourselves.” 

In a similar vein Mary tells us; ”We are paying for our wedding ourselves as we don't want anyone else to put pressure on us as to what they want.”

In contrast, bride to be Tessa is feeling the strain as she said: “My partner and I took out a loan of £6000 and the moneys just running through our fingers like water and so I’ve had to take on two other jobs to afford the extras”.

This is all a far cry from as recent as 25 years ago, we took a trip down memory lane with Kathleen Baddeley, from Stoke-on-Trent, who has been married for over 25 years.  Kathleen recalled “my father insisted on paying for the wedding, as it was very much the norm. Had we refused he would have been offended”.

Supporting this ongoing decline, The Association of Investment Trust Companies (“AITC”) carried out a similar survey some years ago, they reported findings which showed that, of the “brides who got married 20 years ago, 44% of their parents paid for the wedding but only 31% of parents paid for the brides who married less than five years ago.”

With people evermore financially independent from their parents and with the move away from ‘tradition’, we expect this to be a trend that continues in the years to come.