How to Choose your Wedding Party

wedding partyChoosing your wedding party is a key element to helping you achieve your dream wedding.

It's therefore important that you don't rush into choosing your attendants and that you take time to consider which family members and close friends you want by your side.

Traditionally the wedding party would be made up of family and close friends. However there are no hard and fast rules which say you must have family members as wedding attendants.

When choosing your attendants you need to consider the following:

  • Try to choose people you can trust.
  • Are they reliable and dependable? They need to be able to get on with their role without you needing to check up on them.
  • Where they live. If you wish to have them as a Best Man or a Chief Bridesmaid will it be feasible for them to travel over and meet with you regularly to help plan the wedding.   Will they be able to afford the travel expense?
  • If the wedding attendants are expected to pay for their own outfits ensure you recruit friends and family who can afford the expense.
  • If on the other hand you are intending to pay for the wedding attendants outfits, then bear in mind the more attendants you have the more money you need to set aside in your wedding budget.
  • Will you be having children as attendants. If this is your second marriage will you be having your own children along with step-children making up the wedding party?

Too Many Helping Hands

On average the bride and groom will chose between two and six wedding attendants. Although you can have as many attendants as you wish. However it is customary to have one bridesmaid and one usher to every 50-55 guests. The more attendants you have the more people you have to manage and the greater the risk of people not working together well as a team.

Choosing Your Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man

male partyThe role of Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man is normally given to either a family member of a close friend. They will need to be able to spend a lot of time with you helping with the wedding preparations. If, however, they have other commitments in their lives, such as children or a demanding job, will they be able to give you the support you need? Perhaps they might be better suited to the role of bridesmaid or usher. 

Choosing Bridesmaids and Ushers

if you found it difficult to choose your Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid, as you have a number of potential candidates, then why not have more than one Best Man or Chief Bridesmaid. Alternatively give them the role of a bridesmaid or usher.

Flower Girls and Page Boys

female partyIf you are considering having children as attendants ask yourself whether the children are mature enough to cope with the big occasion as some children might suffer stage fright. Will they be able to understand what is required of them on the day? And can you afford to have young attendants?

Getting to Know Each Other

Having decided on the people who will make up your wedding party, it would be useful to organise a get together whereby they can all meet before the big day.

Remember Remember

Always remember it's your wedding. Don't be pressurised by family or friends into choosing people to play key roles in your wedding.

Not everyone can be part of the wedding party. Close friends and family should respect your choices and just be happy for you both.

If you wish to have special people, other than wedding attendants, then check out our list of possible tasks they could be given.