Bride Wedding Speech Advice

bride speechFollowing the rules of etiquette the speeches on any wedding day are generally made by the groom, the best man and the father of the bride. 

These speeches have been a long standing tradition at most weddings but over the years it has become a modern twist for the blushing bride to give a speech.

For a bride to give a speech at her wedding it could be for a number of reasons.  It may be that her father is no longer there and she feels it only right that she says a few words in his absence or it might just be that in front of her family and friends she wants to thank them for coming to witness her commitment to her partner. 

As a starter for carrying out your speech, you should consider the sort of things that you want to talk about, such as:

  • A song is always nice but this is only really a success if you have a half decent voice.
  • Do you have children together or between you that you could talk about?
  • Have you considered doing a joint speech with your groom, possibly as a short skit between the two of you?  This is a great option if one or both of you are nervous speakers.
  • If relevant, give a mention of loved ones who are no longer with you that you feel would of really enjoyed seeing you both get married.
  • If the best man or groom has not already done so, perhaps you could thank those who have travelled great distances to be with you.
  • If you feel you want to be serious during your speech, perhaps you could explain how you feel about marriage and the philosophy behind it or even what you will be bringing into your marriage as a result of your parent's relationship and love.
  • Perhaps how you and your partner met?  Some grooms, while you consider them romantic, may not want to appear too mushy over how and where you first met each other whereas for the bride to share the tale would be considered a lovely story.
  • Personally thank those who helped you in some way such as your dressmaker or your bridesmaids.
  • Tell a funny story, it could be about your new husband or something that happened fairly recently on the hen night, or even something that you heard about the stag night?
  • Try not to repeat anything that the other speech givers have already said.  This may be difficult when saying thank you or giving gifts so possibly a little collaborating may be necessary.
  • What about a joke?  This should be thought about carefully, especially as you don't want to offend anyone and if you are not very good at telling jokes generally, then it is probably one you should avoid.
  • You could tell your guests, without going too overboard, exactly what your groom means to you and give him a special and private message.

There is no etiquette regarding the bride's speech about the content of her address so you may just wish to read a short poem or a reading rather than say thank you's etc.

Bridal Speech Top Tips

  • bride toastAllow yourself to be funny; wedding speeches always get good laughs as the atmosphere on the day is contagious.
  • Film yourself doing your speech and then watch it to see if you can make any changes to the way you stand or move your hands.
  • If you make a mistake, just smile and carry on.
  • Practice your speech.
  • Remember, it does not have to be word perfect.  A speech by the bride is not a necessity; it is a fun addition to the day.
  • Use some notes if you think you might forget what you want to say.
    When it is time to start talking and you have been introduced, take a deep breath, look around and try to relax before you start talking.
  • Do not make your speech too long.
  • At the end of your speech you should thank all of your guests for coming.

A bride talking at her wedding can be an emotional experience for everyone.  As the bride, you should try not to worry too much about how you perform your speech.  Yes all eyes will be on you and while you want people to have lumps in their throats and tears in their eyes during your oration, what you do not want is to turn into a gibbering wreck that is not able to say a word.

The bride giving a speech is becoming more and more popular and unlike the other speeches, there is not a set guide or format that the bride is expected to follow.  The bride can thank who they want to thank and say pretty much anything they would like to express.  Ensure you have some tissues handy; these things can sometimes get the unlikeliest of people sniffing into their hankies!