Amy and Daryl's Wedding - 6th September 2008

amy 1Ok so here it is! My write up of our most fantastic day!

The day before the wedding was an absolute nightmare!! I was sat at the table having my nails done whilst Daryl stripped the wall paper in the living room and 2 electricians sank the plug sockets and changed the light fittings ready for our friends to decorate whilst we were on holiday!! Talk about leaving things till the last minute!

This was all finished at around 2pm when we had to take everything to the venue ready for the decorating of the rooms/tables the next morning! We had to do 3 trips as there was so much stuff, think the hotel thought we were moving in!! Once everything had been dropped off we went back home to wait for everyone to arrive.

Cigars and Brandy

Helen my first MoH arrived first followed by Mum and Dad with the page boy and flower girl then Andy, best man 1 arrived, then Jason, best man 2 and Hannah the bridesmaid and last but not least Kelly the 2nd MoH, full house!! Couple of Daz’s mates turned up at 7pm ish and then all the men left for the hotel clutching cigars and a bottle of brandy. All us girlies (and the page boy as he is too young to have gone with the men to the pub!) made our way to the local pub for a carvery and a bottle of wine which was really nice. When we had finished eating we went back to my house for more wine and the Mama Mia sound track!!!

I went to bed at around 11.30pm not feeling like it was really happening and very calm! I set my alarm clock for 7.30am not thinking I would need it as I was sure I would be up pacing all night! However, I dropped off as soon as my head hit the pillow and didn’t wake until the alarm sounded!

When I got up I still felt really calm and still like it was not really happening! I had a cup of tea and a crumpet then had a nice bath before everyone else started to wake up. Helen and Hannah surfaced at 8am and showered ready for the hair lady who came at 8.30am. Mum and Carly (FG) were up next and also showered etc ready. We were all wearing our rhinestone t-shirts I had made with our ‘job title’ on which was nice. Kelly was up last (which is quite normal!) she surfaced around 9.15am.

Champagne at 9am

We took it in turns to have our hair done whilst Mum ran around fussing over everyone trying to feed us all and trying to open the champagne at 9am which I thought was a little keen!!!

At around 9.30am Andy, one of the best men turned up to take Luke (PG) away to the hotel. He had a wrapped parcel for me from Daryl which had a gorgeous bottle of perfume and a note saying he couldn’t wait to see me! This started the first of the day’s tears!!!!! As Andy left another car pulled up, this time it was a flower delivery company with a huge bouquet of flowers for me also from Daryl! This started everyone’s waterworks off as the card with them was just lovely!

Ok back to hair! By about 10.45am my hair was done, Helen & Hannah’s was too and Kelly was in the chair half way through hers! Next to arrive was the make-up lady who was just doing my make-up followed closely by the photographer! It was lovely having my make-up done for me and I am so glad I booked this in the end as it was much less stressful and very enjoyable being pampered!

Champers was Flowing

I was having a fab time and we had all finally given into Mother and the champers was flowing it still didn’t feel real!

All our hair and make-up was finished by around 12.40pm and the photographer had been snapping away nicely so we all got into our dresses. I decided I wanted to dress on my own so everyone got to see me ready, however this is not a one man job so ended up having to call Kell in to help! Once in and zipped up I successfully managed to negotiate the stairs although this was not easy in a huge big dress and heels! Got into the living room ready for more pictures (couldn’t go outside as it was peeing it down!) and Mum started crying (again!!) Had lots of lovely photo’s taken together and then 15 minutes before the car arrived, like a miracle the rain stopped and the sun even tried to pop out so we made a mad dash outside and managed to get a couple of photo’s done before setting off for the venue!

1.30pm and the limo arrived! All the neighbours were out watching shout congratulations etc which was nice. Dad got out of the car and walked towards me but would not look at me! I think his emotions were kicking in!! We all piled in the car, me still feeling totally calm and headed off for Oak Farm hotel which is approx a 10 minute ride away. We had a nice relaxed journey there chatting and joking feeling all nice and calm and relaxed.

A Glass of Wine

amy signing registerThen ….. we pulled up at the venue and I saw all my family and friends looking through the window at us and it suddenly hit me that I WAS GETTING MARRIED!!!! I burst out crying and started shaking like a leaf! Then Mum and Dad started and after a couple of minutes the whole car was in tears!! We couldn’t get out for a few minutes until we had all calmed down a bit! The rain had started again so the driver had to walk us all to the door under big umbrellas but I didn’t notice the rain at all!

Once inside I was greeted by the manager armed with a glass of wine to calm me down a little and me and Dad went in to see the registrars! We past the registrars tests and got all the questions right so they said it was finally time to do it! I was calm again at this point and we all made our way to the closed doors ready to walk in and become Mrs Docksey!!

The doors opened and ‘First time ever I saw your face’ started playing and I lost it again, and yes the tears flowed again!!! The page boy and flower girl walked in first and Carly scattered petals as she walked in followed by the 3 bridesmaids one at a time. Then me and Dad walked in and all I could see was Daryl’s back as he stood at the top of the room waiting for me, I was not aware of anyone else in the room and when he turned round and looked at me more tears came and I felt the happiest I have ever felt in my life, it was such a fantastic moment and a feeling I will never forget.

Tossing the Ring???

The ceremony was lovely, the readings were done before the vows and ring exchange and were lovely and very emotional. My uncle who read first and Daryl’s aunt both got very close to tears when reading them. Then it came to saying our vows which was less nerve racking than I thought and again I was totally unaware of anyone else in the room apart from myself and Daz. Andy was called first to bring my wedding ring to the registrar and as he handed it to her he somehow managed to propel it across the room!! This made everyone laugh including the registrar but poor Andy was as red as a beetroot!

As Daz was putting my ring on I could see Andy and Jason (the other best man) behind Daryl and Jason was telling Andy off for dropping the ring when Jason went and did exactly the same and practically threw Daz’s ring which landed in the aisle, rolled for a few seconds and landed on the bottom of my dress!! Of course this made everyone who saw it happen burst out laughing including me but

Daryl had no idea what was going on and as it happened just as he was saying his vows and I was laughing he got very confused bless him (I explained everything afterwards!) With the vows said and the rings exchanged we were pronounced husband and wife and everyone clapped and cheered! We then signed the register and had lots of photos taken, 2 songs were played during this but I didn’t hear either, there was just so much going on and I was so caught up in it all.

A Glass of Summer Punch

With the ceremony over and us officially Mr  & Mrs Docksey ‘My Destiny’ started playing and we walked out (whilst doing a rather strange spontaneous little dance!) and were greeted with a glass of summer punch and the best thing of all, the sun!! As the rain had stopped and the sun was shining we all made a mad rush for the outside where we managed to get 1.5 hours of dry weather and all the photographs taken so we were very very pleased!

At 4pm everyone except the top table were asked to be seated in the main room ready for the wedding breakfast. The room looked stunning, everyone commented on how beautiful all the tables were! Next the top table were announced in followed by Daryl & Amy, the bride & groom! We walked to the table to claps, cheers, stamping feet and all sorts of noises which was lovely, I felt like a princess!

Once everyone was seated and comfortable the master of ceremonies introduced my Dad to make his speech. Dad had gotten himself so worked up over doing this that I thought it would be a flop but it was lovely. He welcomed Daz into the family, told a few funny stories about us as a couple and me growing up and then did a very emotional bit about all lost loved ones which made the whole room well up but was very nice.

Then it was Daz’s turn!! He told me how beautiful he thought I looked, how much he loved me and how happy he was, told stories about us over the years then together we thanked everyone and handed out gifts. He ended his speech with a toast to our friend Pat who had passed away a few weeks before which again was very emotional.

After Daryl came the best men! Andy started by reading the cards from people who couldn’t make it. I had left him note asking him to read everything in the cards (meaning who it was from and the verse) however he took this to the extreme and read a part in one of them about the sender not knowing who to make the cheque payable to!!! This got a lot of laughs but poor Andy was red again!! Jason ended the speeches with some very funny stories about him and Daz growing up and welcomed me to the family as his sister which made me cry again!!!

Now it was time for dinner!

amy roomThe food apparently was lovely! I have no idea as I didn’t eat a thing, me and Daz were just chatting all the way through and I didn’t even notice when then brought the different courses! The meal finished at around 6.30pm when we all went into another room for coffee and to watch the DVD of photographs of the 2 of us over the years which we had made, this went down really well and was a great ice breaker for those that didn’t know each other.

By the time we had finished coffee most of the evening guests had started to arrive and the party seemed to start almost straight away and was going well, the DJ was playing music and a few people were up dancing already! Then the DJ announced we were to cut the cake then I went straight into throwing my bouquet (well not my proper one but one Fay had made me!) We did this outside and again the rain had stopped so we were very lucky. I loved doing this and it went down really well with all my unmarried girlfriends. It is not a tradition done by many anymore but it was great fun!

A Brandy or Two

amy danceAfter this is got up to make a speech! I wanted to thank a few people that were not there in the day and started it with thanking Helen for decorating the room/tables, then my girlies for all their help with the favours etc and then the boys who were going to be decorating our living room when we were away. I ended it with thanking Daz for asking me to marry him and making me the happiest lady alive!

Dad then took over the mic (he had had a brandy or two by now and was feeling more confident!) he said thank you again to everyone for coming then sang the song he used to sing to me when I was a baby!! Slightly embarrassing but nice too!

After the speech we went into our first dance to ‘Don’t wanna miss a thing’ This was lovely, we sang to each other and chatted all the way through and didn’t notice everyone around us watching and taking photo’s! Everyone else joined us at the end of the dance and people were up dancing from then on, the party had really started now and went on until about half midnight where my Dad sang again (same song as he had had more brandy!) followed by my brother who sang ‘lady in red’ but cleverly changed to ‘lady in white’!!!!!!!!!

It Was Fantastic in Every Way

The whole day went in a flash and was a complete blur. There was lots of stuff neither knew had happened except for seeing it on the DVD when we got home the next day. All we did know was that it was totally amazing from start to finish and that we were both the happiest we have ever been and did nothing but smile ALL day. It was fantastic in every way and I would not change a thing. It was the best day of our lives and all the planning and stress leading up to it was so worth it as it was magical and we loved every second.

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