Caroline and Andy's Wedding - 14th May 2007

allyCaroline joined the forum 15th January 2007 and started her 'tell us the details' thread the same day with this opening post :

"I'm Caroline, live with my Partner Andy and my 4 children from my first marriage.

We got engaged in November and are getting married on Monday 14th May 2007, onboard HMS Trincomalee, Hartlepool.

We are all wearing regency outfits for the wedding, the men in Naval uniform (Think Nelson) and myself and bridesmaids in regency style gowns. I'm making mine from Ice Blue Silk."

By the day of her wedding there had been lots more posts covering all aspects of planning the wedding, from the highs of finishing making the dresses, favours, lucky charms, table centers and just about everything else for her wedding, to the frustrations of not being able to find a fitting bobbin with white cotton on (well, I guess these things happen when you make all the dresses yourself!)

This is not the time to go over the ups and downs of planning the wedding, this is the time for the story of the wedding day to be told. Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy as Caroline tells us all about her big day.

On Saturday We traveled up to the Village of Tow Law to the cottage we had booked for the week, all 9 of us in one car. We arrived at the cottage and the weather was not to bad..

HMS TrinomaleeSunday we went to the historic quay, where we were to get married aboard the HMS Trincomalee (1817) >>, while the two mums and the kids looked round a museum. Andy, Laura and I decorated the tables and the rooms for the receptions. That took about an hour, then we all went for a meal.

Sunday night I spent in the local Premier Travel Inn along with the 3 bridesmaids and half the guests. The evening before the wedding my Aunt insisted on taking myself and the bridesmaids out for a meal. Then we all took part in the pub quiz.

After a sleepless night, I woke up to a dry slightly misty morning, did my nails while my youngest daughter slept, watched the weather forecast, not good. At 6.45 Rosie went next door to wake the other two bridesmaids up for breakfast. We had to have an early breakfast as my oldest bridesmaid had only brought black knickers with her, not good with a pale lemon coloured dress. So after a very large breakfast (all you can eat, so they did) Laura was off to ASDA for white knickers, thankfully she got changed out of her PJ's that she had gone to breakfast in. She, and Rosie with her rollers in, must have provided a fair bit of entertainment.

carriageThen it was off to get ready, the next hour flow by, doing girls hair, my hair and make up and soon the photographer was at the door. I quickly had the girls help me in to my 3 layers of underwear and my dress. The photographer took several pictures of me "putting on" my make up. And some of the girls "doing " my hair and make up, he even gave Rosie, my youngest bridesmaid, an open mascara ( I was terrified, she can be very clumsy).

Soon it was 10am and time for the carriage to arrive, so we went down to reception, but the carriage was late. Luckily the rain had gone by the time the carriage had arrived so we didn’t get wet on the way to the quay. The ride was blowy, but dry when we got to the historic quay I saw Andy had put the blue ribbons on the car, which looked good.

henryAs we pulled in to the quay Jamie was waiting for us, as were the two photographers and the registrar, we were getting a bit cold now. More photos, then on to the ship, we were lectured by the registrar, not the one we were expecting as she had gone sick..

Laura went in first, followed by Susan and Rosie, then Jamie escorted me in on his arm, sadly Henry decided he wanted to sit with his Godfather and not accompany us.

Andy and Gary (the Bestman) were waiting for me by the huge windows at the back of the cabin, both looked great.

The ceremony went well, with Henry (right) raising an objection when the registry asked if anybody had any, he changed his mind when the registrar said he would need to be interviewed. Loads of photos and laughs especially when I couldn’t get Andy’s wedding ring on.

After the ceremony it was up on to the weather deck for photos, very windy and the crew were giving the guests Hi Vis jackets to keep warm, after about 10 minutes both mums and the older guests all took refuge in the reception venue. Loads more photos on cannons and the ships wheel.

Then into the drinks reception for a well earned glass of sherry. After a while the sun came out so I went out with the kids to play in the kids the play park, the photographer took a few photos of Laura and I playing hop scotch.

wedding-cakeThe reception was great, the food lovely, the 5 kids went round doing the photo challenge I had done for them., Henry especially enjoyed doing the best shoes, crawling round under the table looking at the ladies shoes.

We cut the cake with sword, not a naval officer’s sword, but it was a sword.

And then had the speeches, Jamie first, had to do his twice as they forgot to put out the drinks for the toast, then Andy and of course Gary.

The whole day seemed to go really quickly, soon it was time for everyone to leave and for us to go back to the cottage. We did get some funny looks, me and the girls still in costume, in the Land Rover complete with Blue ribbons.

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