Cory and Daisy Speight ... Saturday the 5th September 2009.

daisy 1Preparation......

Friday the 4th of September.

I hope you all have a cup of tea to hand ... Or a glass of wine lol !!

The Friday morning I got up and got my wee boy ready for school, he was bouncing about laughing, and so excited that his mummy and daddy were getting married the following day, and he’d be wearing a very smart suit, just like his daddy. I was feeling a lot better now I’d managed to talk him out of wearing a pretty dress, just like mummy’s (lmao). My OH had taken the Friday off work too, as he had a few bits of running about to do. He took wee man to school whilst I went and had my nails done.

I walked into the salon and the girls were all buzzing, asking me how excited I was. They ran through the final details with me, as they were coming out to the hotel the following morning to do the hair and make-up for myself and bridal party. I kept having to remind myself to breathe. As the anticipation was growing, I’d starting holding my breath ... Not on purpose you understand but just through sheer excitement.

Giggling Like a School Girl

I was giggling like a school girl and just beaming !! The wonderful girlies at the salon re-assured me that everything was fine and in hand, they’d see me in the morning at 8am .... Nicky, Claire, Danni, and the wonderful Rita, I really cannot thank them enough, but more about that later.

I left the salon and my phone started to beep with texts from friends, a number of people letting me know they were on their way/arriving at the hotel, and other friends wishing me luck and that they’d see me the next day. It was really starting to sink in now.

adisy getting readyI got home just in time for my Dad to pull up outside to drop my 2 younger sisters with me, as they were staying with me at the hotel the Friday night. Dad was heading home again so he could bring my Nanna back with him on the morning of the wedding.

We had a bit of a joke about the ribbons Dad was using on his car and he showed me them. Dad then hugged me and said “See ya in the morning kid". Wow, that really brought it home !! The next few hours are a mad flurry of various friends turning up and helping me ferry things to the hotel. My mad bouncy friend texted me to say she was at the hotel, she had made me the most gorgeous 3 tier wedding cake (though she wouldn’t let me see it lol as she wanted it to be a complete surprise the following day) we headed to the hotel to get my dress hung up .... and slowly the day was nearly was nearly over.

A Long Huggle, A Gentle Kiss, A Silent Tear

I went home and dropped my car off for Cory to use the following morning ... and we said our goodbyes, a long huggle, a gentle kiss, a silent tear and a “see you tomorrow wife to be”....... Before I knew it I was in my best buddies car and being ferried back to the hotel.  (Via Tesco’s for some snacks and of course the singing of “I’m getting married in the morning” at the tops of our voices lolol)

My daft mates had organised a pole for some pole dancing lessons, at this point it was quite late and I was tired and feeling a bit emotional, so we had a bite to eat and then I had a shower and got straight into my PJ’s, i had half an hour or so just to myself ..... However I still got to dance around the pole, we were lucky as i had the main lounge of the hotel all to ourselves ....  I opened a couple of pressies that my lovely sisters had got for me .... The main one being a picture of us when we were younger. It comes from a difficult time in our lives, when we had a lot of sadness, but this picture was taken by our Dad and captured a moment in time that is priceless and I have to say I burst into tears, promptly followed by both sisters ....  lol Thank heavens it was the night before and there was no make-up to be smudged at that point.

After much giggling and snacks and throwing ourselves round a pole, and the girls laughing at me in my froggy PJ’s with pink “Hen” gloves and “L” plate on, I tootled off to bed. I remember lying there, with the moonlight streaming through the window, looking at my gorgeous dress hanging up glistening and sparkling and thinking .... Tomorrow I’ll be Mrs Speight  ... I rang my man .. just to hear his voice, he told me he loved me, and he’d found his present on the dresser ...  I told him I loved him too and we said our goodnights ........... I drifted off to sleep.

Saturday the 5th of September 2009

daisy almost readyI was woken by my phone ringing; my other bridesmaid was on her way and didn’t have the postcode to the hotel lol  .... So even though it was 6.30 I got up and had a bit of breakfast, my sisters then text me to tell me they were up and could they come to my room, so we ended up with about 5 in the bed just talking nonsense and giggling !!

Then the mayhem really begins ............... !!

At 8am the hair and make-up ladies turn up, (4 of them) and we all take it in turns to be sat, combed, curled, pampered and powdered. There was my 2 sisters, myself and my mate, all laughing as we went. Then Chris (a close friend) dashed through the door and gave me a gift and card from Cory that he’d picked up the night before. It was the sweetest card and a gorgeous Doggy Teddy bear who is sooo lush, well the tears started again, luckily before the make-up was applied lol !!

The flower lady turned up, followed by the second wedding car (driven and owned by a close friend), followed by a friend from home who I didn’t think would be able to make it so cue even more tears when she bobbed into my room for a hug .... Followed by the photographer and then my Dad and Nanna .... By this point I’m an emotional wreck, and was still trying desperately not to cry, I couldn’t believe how many people cared for us and were really pulling out all the stops for our big day. I had people zooming off to decorate the room for the wedding breakfast for me and make sure everything was in place ... I felt so lucky.

At this point it became painfully clear ... My mum wasn’t going to be there, but luckily for me the wonderful Rita and Claire (make-up/hair ladies) took over and sorted me out, they were truly amazing, and I owe them a lot, in fact, I owe a lot of people my heart that day, as they really pulled together and made me feel truly special !!

Rita shouted out “If you’re not supposed to be in here, then out now” she shooed people to the door .... She then grabbed the bridesmaid’s dresses and said “girls, dressed now !!” and bundled them into the bathroom, she then got hold of me gently and said “come on you, let’s have you in this dress”. Rita and Claire got me into my dress as the photographer was snapping away, and then I was handed my bouquet ... This was it, Dad was waiting outside............. !!

Origami Napkin

daisy bridesmaidI went outside, had a couple of quick pictures done and Dad gave me a hug, I’d teared up at this point, and Dad had misted over, he told me I looked beautiful and then we began the task of multi folding me like an origami napkin into the car lol .... I ended up in the front as it was easier, and then Photographer got in the car with us too and was snapping away as we went, which was different lol, but then I’ve never been a big one for tradition.

On the way the lovely lady photographer (Heike) who was in the car with me said ..... “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I’m not just saying that either, and believe me I have photographed a lot of brides. You truly are radiant and beautiful !!” ....That set off the tears again. Thank heavens for waterproof mascara. 

We pulled up outside just as everyone was going in and taking their seats. I got out of the car and was led into a small room to confirm all the details with the lovely Registrars, I don’t actually remember getting out of the car it was the only part of the day that did feel quite rushed and it was  a bit of a blur ..... Once in the small room I was left to just sit for a few minutes, and take it all in. I could hear Robbie Williams “She’s the one” playing, I heard Cory being taken into the room and I heard him laugh, it relaxed me hearing his voice through the walls, knowing he wasn’t far away put me at ease. I breathed in deeply, let out a long breath and smiled, knowing he truly is my soulmate ....  I heard the Registrar say the bride is here and that i would be in shortly. I was then led into the main hallway and Dad was stood waiting.

“Come on then our Daisy”

daisy and coryI held onto my Dads arm as my bridesmaids walked in first, music filled the air, it was The Corrs .... Runaway With you ... I love this song ..... Dad then said “Come on then our Daisy” ... and we walked in .......................... !!

As soon as he came into sight I couldn’t believe how handsome he looked, everyone else in the room faded away, and it was just me and him, stood together, face to face.

He said his vows to me so strongly, and with such conviction, only a slight tremor to his voice as he teared up at one point, the emotion flowing softly between us, I couldn’t stop shaking, it wasn’t nerves as such, more being completely overwhelmed by the love I felt. I had a couple of tears roll down my face as I spoke my vows. It had taken us so much to get here, to this point in time, and I’ve never felt as close to him as I did there and then.

In what felt like just minutes we were pronounced Husband and Wife and we kissed .... I then turned to see an amazing sight, a room full of friendly faces, tear stained and smiley lol .... Seems we weren’t the only one’s who’d felt the emotions lol !! I remember laughing and saying “Wow ... OMG... Hello people” ... To which everyone laughed, I truly felt as though it was just Hubby and I in the room when I’d first walked in !!  At this point my little boy came running over for a cuddle, he told me how much he’d missed me the night before ... Then he looked up at me and said “Oh I thought you were my mum” ... I laughed and said “I am” ... He then smiled and said “you don’t look like my mum, you look beautiful” ... I think that was cloaked compliment bless him lol !!

I have to say throughout the whole of the day my little man did me so proud, he was an angel and so grown up, I feel so choked now just thinking of how tall he stood and how handsome he looked !!

Then we had the usual pictures taken outside the Registry Office and our guests made their way to the reception venue. At this point my husband and I had organised to go to the beach with the photographers. So we jumped into their car and had a steady drive through, Heike was taking pics as we went, she also shared her Wethers Originals with us lol !! It was nice just catching our breath and sitting having a cuddle. I cannot sing the praises of the photographers enough, they were amazing, they were everywhere but yet not in the way once, and were so re-assuring and calming for the nerves.

The beach (lol)

daisy beachThe looks on people’s faces were a picture as they watched a bride and groom get out of a car and wander down to the beach. Here Cory and I truly got lost in one another. We both took our shoes off, a welcome relief for me as the heels were killing me. Cory rolled his trousers legs up ... the cool sand soothed our sore footsies ... we kissed, we did sandcastles, we drew a big love heart in the sand, we walked across the beach hand in hand listening to the waves crashing as we walked, the wind was strong but refreshing and we had a moment just to “Be” .... Even now I can close my eyes and be back there, it is a memory that will live on in my heart forever.

daise fieldAfter half an hour or so we jumped back in the car and went to the reception and were announced into the room as Mr and Mrs Speight. Then the food was served, the speeches were given, the gifts handed out, and I had a room full of very happy guests ... We cut the cake and then everyone meandered back to their rooms for an hour or so whilst the room was set up ready for the Evening Reception. 

We had a (soft) drink outside and a chat to a couple of friends sat in the sunshine, and then we nipped out and drove to see an elderly neighbour who couldn’t be with us as she been ill. I knew she was so sad about not seeing us, so I’d decided that morning if she couldn’t come to us, then we’d go to her. The smile it put on her face was priceless and one of the highlights of my day, her face lit up when she opened the door and saw me and Cory standing there in all our finery.

Serious Partying

We stopped in at the room at the hotel for a bit so I could collect my trainers and socks (oh yes I did lol), and then back for serious partying. I’ll not bore you with the night time antics of posing against friends cars, and dancing so much I think I lost a stone or two, and singing Paradise By the Dashboard light at full volume lol. But needless to say it was an amazing night, made all the more amazing by the people who were part of our special day.

At 2am we’d said goodnight to the last of our guests from the reception room and we went for a drive, stopping in the countryside and getting out in the moonlight. We stood together, my husband holding me in his arms, just looking up at the night sky, the stars and the full moon were so clear.

It honestly was the perfect end to a truly perfect day.