Erica and Richard's Wedding - 5th August 2008

erica 1Erica joined the Wedding Forums 13-March 07 and told us a couple of weeks later, on the 30th March ;

Hey guys!!! Just had confirmation today of our wedding date. It's 5th August 2008 at 5pm.

We are getting married on a beach in Paphos, Cyprus. We've not booked the reception yet but we are planning on having it at a beach restaurant and we are planning on having a barbeque. We are then planning on having our marriage blessed and having a party when we get back as not everyone can get over to Cyprus. We are planning on holding this at a local hotel. The colours we have looked at are cream and pale green

Almost 18 months later and the day arrived... here is the story of that day, in Erica's own words.

What a day!

Our big day started off just like any other day.  We got up to give baby Andrew his breakfast and to get him ready for his busy, baby day.  Richard collected his things together to go and get ready at his brothers apartment.  My good friend, Anthony, who was being my bridesmaid, came over to our apartment to help me get ready and also to take care of the boys.  I really did appreciate this as this meant that I could now concentrate on me.

At 3pm the lady came to put my hair up.  She first discussed different styles and then she got to work.  Within 20 minutes she had finished and I must say, she really did do an amazing job.  After the lady had finished with my hair, another lady came along to do my make up.  Being that I don’t know very much about make up, I just asked the lady to make me look lovely.  Which, she did.

Very Proud of My Boys

Whilst the ladies were busy working on me, Anthony got to work getting the boys ready.  Lewis did his best to look like a moody teenager, but it was clear that he knew he looked great.  It was so nice to see my boys all dressed up.  I was very proud of them. 

At 4:00pm the flowers were delivered.  Anthony wondered off down to reception to collect them for me.  I had my posy, and there were button holes for Richard and for Richards best man, Alex.  Lewis also had a button hole as he was walking me down the aisle. 

Richard and Alex, along with the guests had to be at the venue for 4:30pm where they would be met by the photographer.  Anthony took baby Andrew over to where Richard was getting ready as he was going to be travelling to the venue with him.

Anthony and Lewis were travelling to the venue in my car. 

At 5:10pm the wedding co-ordinator called and asked me to come down to reception where my car was waiting for us.  Initially, I felt very self conscious as this meant walking past the people in and around the pool.  But after the first few ooo’s and ahhh’s along with people wishing me luck, I felt a lot better.

The car looked lovely.  It was a new white Mercedes that had been decorated with ribbons. 

The Sun was Shining

When we arrived at the venue we were greeted by the photographer.  Richards brother (big) Andrew came bombing over to take photos too.  Richards uncle, Chris, came over armed with his camcorder.  After various photos had been taken, the wedding co-ordinator, Anthony (another one!) guided me over to the path that would lead me to the gazebo and to where Richard and the registrar were.  I was really surprised that I wasn’t feeling nervous.  I guess I was relaxed as it was lovely and sunny, the views were amazing and the general atmosphere was calm.  When I started walking down the path, the slow version of DJ Sammys ‘Heaven’ started to play.  So, Lewis, Anthony (bridesmaid) and I were walking towards the gazebo, looking out towards the beach and the sea, and towards my future husband.  The warm sun was shining down on us and there was a gentle breeze blowing.  Perfect. :)

When we reached the gazebo Anthony and Lewis sat down and I was greeted by a beaming Richard.  The photographer was busy taking photographs whilst we were walking and he continued during the ceremony.  Richards uncle filmed us and Richards brother, Andrew, was enjoying himself taking even more photos.

The registrar started reading out our vows for us to recite and I must admit that I got a tad overwhelmed and started to cry.  I think it was because it was just how I imagined it to be, and I couldn’t believe that my dreams had finally come true.  Lucky for me there was someone on hand to wipe away the mascara that had run from my eyes. 

After we had read out our vows and exchanged rings, we then signed the marriage certificates.  We were then taken off to have more photographs taken, including group shots and photos taken of us on the beach.

Chocolate Cake is the Best!

After the photos, we then went back up by the gazebo where our wedding cake and a bottle of chilled champagne was waiting for us.  We had chosen a chocolate cake as chocolate really is the best EVER!

The reception was to take place at the beach side restaurant.  We were seated outside onto the terrace, again, looking out onto the sea.  The sun was beginning to go down now, so we had a sun set to enjoy too.  We had decided on a greek style barbeque and we were very glad we did!!  There was so much food!  And it was all delicious.  We had a variety of meats and salads, along with greek dips and olives etc.  This was followed by a fresh fruit salad and our wedding cake. 

After our meal we relaxed with drinks and then a few of us took a wonder along the beach. 

We really did have an amazing day.  It was relaxed and informal, just how we wanted it.  Our day really was one to remember. 

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