Jac and Simon's Wedding - 29th August 2008

jacJac's Wedding - in Jac's own words...

I'll start with the night before the wedding as that's where it really begins.  After the rehearsal I was whisked away from my fiance and to my Mums.  My Mum had decorated the house with dozens of red and white roses to match the colour scheme and her back garden was filled with red, white and black balloons with her trees full of candles and fairy lights.  A few of the bridesmaids joined us, along with aunts and uncles, it was like something out of a fairy tale finished off by a fireworks display just for us.  Eventually when everyone headed home, I headed to my stepsisters bedroom where I would be staying the night.

I woke in the morning with a bit of a fright, it took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and realise where I was.  My stepdad banged in at half 7 trying to wind me up and telling me that it was half 9 and I should be up.  I did get up but I wandered through to my Mum’s room and crawled into her bed where we lay and put the world to rights for a couple of hours.

New Bathroom Mat Required - Now!

Now tradition states that it is the bride that is to be high-strung and nervous on the day, I would like to point out that this was not the case for this wedding.  At 9am we arranged to meet one of the ushers so that I could get the phone charger and we could check our bags into the hotel.  This is when my nerves were calmed (if he's sent his usher with a bag surely he plans to actually be there at the altar) but my Mum's were sent into overdrive.  She decided at this point that she HAD to get a new bathroom mat for the shower room and that she had to go buy it RIGHT NOW.  Thankfully she dropped me off at her house where I could dance around the living room to very loud music and await the arrival of bridesmaids and hairstylist.

Soon the hairstylist and my bridesmaids arrived and the first bottle of champagne was opened.  Mum returned with new bathmat in hand.  There was a fantastic atmosphere as everyone started getting their hair done and the others raided the fantastic buffet that my Mum had organised for us.  Amy and Daz will vouch for my mothers hospitality...you will eat, you will help yourself, or you will be ignored!

Rocco and I Played Football...

Rocco, the star nephew, arrived just after lunch and typically just after I had my hair done.  I was still really calm at this point.  Rocco and I played football, pointed at the 'moos' and 'tweets' and caused general chaos whilst the other girls had their makeup done. 

Eventually I was called to get my make up done and Kelly (make up artist) was telling me off for being as chilled.  I was just enjoying the seat after all the running around.  Mum on the other hand was fluttering around the house trying to sort things that didn't really need sorted, but the standards she set were high and she was determined the day would reach them.

It was then time for me to get into my dress, it was then that the flutters started, not anything about the wedding but that I was going to fall flat on my face in front of all of my friends and family.  I couldn't believe it was me when I looked in the mirror.  With all of us ready we headed outside to get some of the group photographs out of the way.  Slight panic was caused when I noticed a hole in my dress.  Thank goodness it was just a seam that had come undone and was quickly sorted by Amy and a big box of safety pins!

The bridesmaids were heading off and my dad arrived, that was it!  Time to head to the church.  The car drove slowly through the streets and I was getting a bit frustrated at all the people stopping and staring, until it dawned on me that they wanted a look at the bride, they wanted a look at ME!!  That was quite hard to get used to.  It was sweet watching the little girls wave and two little boys blew kisses.

We were met at the church by my girls and we were ready to go but were stopped suddenly by the sight of my Mum rushing out the church side door and running up to the front of the church.  I wasn't worried as I already knew that Si must be in the church but I was a bit confused.  The reading books had been misplaced, there was a bit of kafuffle until one of the ushers piped up that he had sorted it at 3pm.  Thank goodness, all set to go.  I wish I could have seen Si’s face when my Mum was trying to get his attention to come talk to her in the vestry just as I was due to arrive.

I thought Bugger this, Laughed and Hitched it up

The piper led us to the aisle and just when I started to breath near the end as I hadn't fallen flat on my face I got stuck.  My first thoughts were that someone had stood on my dress, but actually the seam of my train had caught on the floor vent.  So I detached myself, sorted my train and proceeded to carry on down the aisle only for it to happen again, I was now at the point where I thought bugger this, laughed and hitched it up until I caught up with my dad (which was only a couple of metres away).  My sister later told me that it was this little hitch that I dealt with in a way that only I would, that made everyone realise that it was me under the makeup and ivory dress after all. 

The ceremony was perfect, we'd managed to confuse the minister with the order that we wanted everything done in the night before and I'd wondered if he'd managed to sort it out in his head, thankfully he had.  Whilst he was saying a prayer I noticed that I still had my engagement ring on, in the hype of the day I'd simply forgotten to pass it onto her, so I subtly (hopefully) managed to slide it off and onto the bouquet holder.  As the minister asked for our hands, I passed the bouquet and the ring to my maid of honour, secret mission accomplished!  The little boxes that I had made up for the children worked a treat, it was almost silent throughout the entire ceremony and they all looked really engrossed in the toys and books.

We stopped for photo's in the church with the main party (and avoided those outside waiting with confetti) before heading to the mausoleum for the group photo's.  The weather held out and all was going well until we got into the car to go to the venue when I realised I'd had a blonde moment.  I'd left my bouquet on a gravestone in the churchyard to pose for the photos and I'd forgotten to pick it up.  Thank goodness for photographers who can run fast in kilts.

Mmmmm Cola and Rolos

The car took the long route going far out of town and along the bypass so as to let the videographer and photographer get to the venue ahead of us.  I’d gotten a bit breathless during the photos, excitement and a slight case of claustrophobia, and Si had noticed so he got the driver to stop at the petrol station so he could nip in and get me some Cola and some Rolos.  Being the perfect husband that he is knew that the sugar kick would sort me out very quickly in preparation of walking into the venue full of our family and friends.

We arrived at the venue, had yet more photo’s taken and were then ushered into the venue for the speeches which all went down a treat.  I’d worried over the order but it all went perfectly, I even managed to get through mine despite a sudden attack of the shakes.  The speeches were very quickly followed by the cutting of the cake and our first dance.

The Marryoke Didn’t Exactly go as Planned...

From there the night was a blur of talking to everyone, sneaking wee sit downs where possible and dancing until I actually could barely walk.  I’m usually the lass left standing in her heels at the end of the night where the others have cast theirs to the side of the dance floor, but even I had to give up and take them off. 

The buffet of bacon rolls went down a treat although I was far too excited to eat.  It was absolutely amazing having the love of my life, my family, and my Glasgow and Dumfries friends in the same room.  The marryoke didn’t exactly go as planned, it was better, people who I’d never have guessed would be up for it were taking to the floor and demanding lines.  I cannot wait to see the end result.

After all the ups and downs of the planning, none of it mattered.  The day was a great success and loads of people came up to congratulate us on throwing a fantastic party, there were even a few jokes about when could we all do it again.  At the end of the night I wasn’t ready to see the product of a year’s planning be finished, I was having far too much fun.  Maybe we should do it all over again....

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