Kate and Durban's Wedding - 15th August 2009

My wedding story

kateWell the build up started on the Friday night, when I woke up I still was not nervous at all. Family were arriving from all over the country so was really excited to see them. I boxed up all the wedding bits (4 big boxes worth!) and went to the hotel. Myself and 2 of the bridesmaids had planned to stay there on the night before the wedding to calm my nerves and help me get me ready in the morning.

Durban planned to fly from Edinburgh for Bournemouth with his brother and sister-in-law where they had hired a car to drive the 3 hrs to plymouth. I recieved a phone call at 10am on the Friday morning from durban, they were stuck in bournemouth!!! There had been a problem with the booking that his brother had made, I have never felt so stressed in all my life!!!

I immediately got on the internet trying to look up how they were going to get to plymouth, train was too expensive, coach was too late, I was really starting to think I would be missing a groom! The only option left was to get a taxi, luckily durban managed to find a nice one that was willing to take them all that way for a very good price so they eventually made it at about 3pm! :)

After calming myself down with a glass or two of champagne me and my 2 bridesmaids we grabbed some food in town and started pampering ourselves at the hotel ready for the big day.

More Champagne

kate and familyThe morning of the wedding I woke up in a great mood, no nerves still and we all had a full english breakfast at the hotel.  The hairdresser arrived at 10am along with the photographers and Amy and Daz and it was a great atmosphere. Everyone was chilled out and relaxed. One of my bridesmaids had bought champagne so I had a couple of glasses while my excitement was building, next thing I knew it was 1pm and time for us all to get dressed! My maid of honour helped me into my dress and a flood of nerves hit me like a tidal wave!!! I think it finally hit me what was about to happen.

We only had one car as the hotel was literally 2 mins from the registry office so the first three bridesmaids left, leaving me and my maid of honour in the hotel room. She gave me a big hug and made me feel much calmer, she was my rock all day in fact! When the car returned we made our way to the reception of the hotel and all the staff were saying how wonderful I looked, was really strange as I havent been used to it before, I really felt like a princess for the day. 

A Rush of Emotion

by the seaWe arrived at the registry office where I met my uncle who was giving me away. I had to have a quick interview with the registrar before the ceremony just to confirm the details and suddenly I could hear my song that I wanted to walk into being played! There had been a mix up but no one had noticed other than me.

The bridesmaids walked in first and then I entered the ceremony room and caught sight of Durban for the first time that day and he looked amazing in his kilt. He gave me a huge smile and I broke down in tears, a rush of emotion I have never experienced before, well not that intense! I walked down and sat next to him and managed to compose myself, he took hold of my hand and gave it a good squeeze and I knew I was going to be ok.

I Finally Got a Kiss

kate durban mumThe ceremony passed so quickly, I had a reading from my cousin which was so lovely and then the vows. When we were saying them to each other it was like there was no one else in the room, just Durban and I. I didn't hear anything other than his voice and it was the most special and romantic moment of my life. I really felt that he meant every word and I know from the way my heart was feeling I meant mine too. Next thing I know we were pronounced husband and wife and I finally got a kiss from the man I love.

The weather stayed dry in the afternoon so we managed to get the photos done at the registry office and on the sea front, so I cant wait to see them. The reception was absolutely beautiful, decorated by Helen all the guest said how amazing it all looked, well worth all the months of planning. There was no formal atmosphere everyone was dead chilled out which is exactly what I wanted. The food was gorgeous as well, the hotel really did me proud. The speeches were dead casual too and there was a few tears when my mum got up as we both really miss my dad and alot of his family were there too.

Plenty of Drinking

kates venueWe cut the cake after the evening guests had arrived and then on to the first dance, this was the moment the DJ equipment decided to give up! They managed to finally get it working and we had out first dance to Pink Floyd and Durban sang it to me, I was really holding back the tears. The rest of the evening was great, lots of dancing and plenty of drinking. We managed to get to bed at about 2am :)

It really was perfect to the way I dreamed of my wedding day.

Durban was fantastic with all my family and friends, most of whom he had never met due to us living so far away. He made the effort to speak to everyone and kept telling me how happy he was which the pictures show.

I am so proud to be his wife, my dreams have finally come true.