Lisa and Rob's Wedding - Saturday 10th May 2008

lisa wedding 1Lisa joined the wedding forums on the 21st February 2008 and rapidly clocked up over 600 posts, sharing her own wedding planning ideas and helping out others.

It seemed like no time at all, no sooner had Lisa joined the forum than she was married!

Here is Lisa's story - in her own words.

The Friday night before the wedding Rob finally got his stuff together and left to stay at his Best Mans place, I finally had a few moments to think 'Oh My God I get married in the morning!'

My cousin came round with a bottle of drink for me, then the hairdresser turned up to glue my hair extensions in and my MOH came round to have a drink before going to help decorate my hall for the next day.

Exploding Bottle!

We all sat laughing and joking about whether Rob would turn up, not that Ii was in any doubt he wouldn't, when my youngest daughter ran through the kitchen knocked the bottle of drink off the table, which exploded everywhere, and hanging on the door where it fell was the four bridesmaid dresses - oh yes, all over 2 of them!

lisa 2I sat there thinking the dresses were ruined and had no idea what to do. I phoned my Mum who suggested that I put them into the washing machine on a very cool wash... dreading every minute I did as she suggested. I had my fingers crossed the whole time the machine was on and it was a huge relief when it had finished. I took them out of machine and put them back on hangers on the door waiting for them to dry - thankfully, with that drama out of the way, everything was ok.

The hairdresser finished my extensions, and I finished what was left in the bottle of drink and everybody left. My girls went to bed all excited for what the morning was going to bring, then my mobile rang, it was Rob telling me he loved me and thanking me for the lighter which I had bought him which I had engraved with our wedding day. Rob also told me he was very sorry, what with everything that had been going on he had not had time to get me anything - I told him it wasn't a problem and that if he had, I think I would have been more shocked lol.

Finally got myself to bed and to sleep :)

Saturday 10th May our Wedding Day

lisa 4Woke up at 6.15am with the sun shinning and the birds singing. I thanked whoever was listening and hoped it would stay all day (did not expect it to be as warm as it was). I went downstairs and checked that the dresses were all still ok, I had been worried about them all night. They were fine. I put the kettle on and made myself a cuppa whilst sending Rob a text message and just thinking of the day ahead.

At 7.30am my daughters came running down the stairs singing happy wedding day Mum which bought a tear to my eye. The hairdresser turned up at 8.15 and started doing the kids hair first, I got a text  message from Robs mum wishing me a happy wedding day and love to everyone which I replied to, she then rung to say that she wished us luck and how proud she was that I was marrying her Son and she wished us both a good day and life together another tear came to my eye.

Aren't You Ready Yet???

lisa 5My MOH and my hairdresser then presented me with a gift bag, my crafty H2B had brought me a present after all, a lovely pair of earrings!  Finally, at 11am,  the hairdresser started on my hair.

My dad walked in at 11.10 saying "aren't you ready yet, we have got to find somewhere to park you know" (as I sit there in underwear, dressing gown, hair half done and no make-up ). What seemed like hours, but was only really another 10 mins, I was ready, both hair and make-up were done, just had to put my wedding dress on, then just before getting into the car the photographer took some photos and we were off.

Rob Was In Fits of Laughter

lisa 3Pulling in to the car park of the register office I see my new family standing around with MIL, who was in her wheelchair.

I got out of the car and walked over, she told me I looked lovely and I thanked her for coming knowing it must be hard for her with how poorly she was. She made a fuss of the girls telling them they looked beautiful. I gave her a kiss and said I would see her later, we walked round to the register office doors and after a few more photos we went in.

Myself and Rob had to go in and confirm our details after which he went off in to the ceremony room whilst I waited with my Dad and bridesmaids. Soon after I heard our music start, the doors opened and I started my walk! To be fair I cant remember much about the ceremony apart from that I was shaking and at one point me and Rob were in fits of laughter and out of the corner of our eyes we could see his mum watching us, I was also thinking that any min now Rob was going to pass out because it was so HOT!

Kids Found the Ice Cream Van!

We then went into the little garden of the register office and Robs mum asked that we had no photos taken with her, she really  just wanted to get home as she really was not feeling too good. We respected her for coming and did not want to put her through any more.

We then went over to the Cathedral gardens and would you believe it, the first thing the kids see was the ice cream van! Of course they wanted one, it was so hot and they had been so good they deserved one :)

Finally, I got a few minutes with my husband on my own during the journey back to the reception, well almost alone, as the car driver was with us he told me how beautiful I looked. When we got back to the reception we spoke to everybody before getting up and doing our speeches, well me and best man did, just saying thank you and we asked Robs Auntie to come and receive the flowers we had brought for Robs Mum, which she did.

lisa 6

Our First Dance - Alicia Keys, No One

Before we knew it our evening guests had arrived and we were doing our first dance Alicia Keys, No One (the words seemed perfect for what we were, and are, going through) before we knew it the day was over and we were now a Mr and Mrs.

When we got home we looked at our mobiles where we had both missed calls and Rob had received a text message from his Mum, thanking us for the flowers which were a lovely surprise and again wishing us a happy life. Little did we know that they were going to be the last text messages that we would receive from her, 10 days after our special day she passed away.