Marie and Nick's Wedding - 26th April 2008

marieMarie joined our forums on the 12th May 2007 and started her 'tell us the details' thread on the 10th June 2007 which amassed a whopping 1,473 replies before Marie actually got married. You can read that thread here.

Marie's first request for advice was : "What does everyone think silk or fresh flowers?"

Since then Marie's has gone on to become the 5th highest poster on our forums, with over 5,000 posts, sharing advice and ideas with our members.

Time to hand you over to Marie so that you can enjoy her wedding day, told in her own words.

This is how my magical wedding day started...

My family started arriving from up North on Thursday.

My Maid of Honour and my Witness arrived first, then my Grandma and Grandad and Aunt, BridesMaid and her Brother. I went over to see them and give my Grandad and Gran their gifts from me ... well my Grandad sobbed buckets when he opened his engraved pocket watch and my Gran was afraid to open hers after seeing what he had got lol ... she had an engraved compact mirror and we got them a personalised photo album between them which had them both close to breaking point.... left them saying see you Saturday.

Then Friday, Helen and Mark arrived and we went to the venue after having a good old giggle here ( LOL )

We went through all the questions and order of things again to be sure they couldn't do anything wrong and they had already been setting the room up ready for the following day and it looked fantastic !! so pleased ...

Then Nick left to go to the hotel for the night and reality hit me .....I AM GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW !!!!!!!! ...I was vomiting terribly and all the motions that went with it lol. My Brother, his Wife and their sons arrived about 10.30 on Friday night and there were lots of chat about tomorrow, I was not really listening sort of like I was on another planet !

1600 Spins per Second

ringsWell I could not sleep I kept going over what I must have forgotten and finally I dropped to sleep about 4 am to be woke at just after 5 with Alex asking where did Daddy sleep lol.. it soon became 6.30 and the sun was gleaming through the window I just lie in bed listening to the excitement that filled the house ... at this point I was strangely very chilled out and relaxed .. then I got my text from Nick saying we are getting married TODAY and that was it washing machine spinning at 1600 spins per second in my tummy and I just couldn't stay in my room a second longer ....

Breakfast was a definite NO NO as was cups of tea or anything else for that matter I walked around with a full cup of tea thinking when the spin stops I will take a sip but it didn't... Nick texted me a few times over the course of the morning and my Brother ran off with my phone and text him too ( he is a nuisance ) but it sort of eased things chasing him around getting my phone back after he pick pocketed me lol... Donna the stylist turned up at 10 and she started on Maid of Honour and she was transformed from my long time friend, who is a farmers wife looking girl, into a very pretty lady .. then came my BridesMaid and they hadn't had trials done as they live so far away ... they looked amazing ... as my Gran had never had her hair done before I paid to have her made to feel special and she was almost crying.. so like you do I had wandered around watching everyone get ready and I WAS STILL AS PER WAKING UP !!!!!!!!!!!!! omg the limo arrived to take the boys ..its 1.10 Ii get married in 1 hour and 20 minutes !!!!!!!!!! no make up no hair done nothing !

All systems on overdrive !! I don't remember very much about the next hour as everything was so panicked and everyone else had left but myself and Maid of Honour and she was making sure everything was ready to just step right in to ........... well I wasn't finished when my car arrived .. but hey ho its fashionable to be late and hadn't I been saying I needed another 6 months ! lol

Lucky Sixpence

marie and nickMakeup completed, hair still getting done when my Brothers wife came back in the house saying I forgot something ... she placed her hand over mine and pushed something into my hand, when I looked down it was the sixpence I had given to her to wear in her shoe the day she married my Brother ... that was it the river broke its banks and no one dare look at me for fear of breaking themselves !! So touch up make up and hair complete I went upstairs to dress

Dress eased on like butter on a hot knife ..fantastic ...where is my veil ?............. it was no where to be seen.. panic like you have never seen all 4 left in the house turned the house upside down !! finally I found it hung on the curtain rail where I had put it but Allie had closed the curtains and we couldn't see it lol...

So now to take the steps to become a married woman ... walked downstairs and the girls all let the tears fall ... went outside to my car and Ian the driver just kept saying wow oh my look wow you are stunning and I felt like a jelly all over again lol ... the only words I uttered in the car apart from how late are we?......... were .... please can we stop off at the pub ! .... we arrived at the hotel to be greeted by the photographer who also wowed and said how stunning I was and my driver Ian left wishing me well .......

Everyone at reception stood and clapped as I walked in my nerves were getting worse by the second .. I was sure to trip and fall on the stairs walking down to meet with the registrar, but thankfully I didn't ... when we reached the registrar she said "Marie you are like a breath of fresh air ... I see so many white and ivory dresses that this is quite a wonderful surprise. There wont be a dry eye in the ceremony" then we went through the running order and the music started ... my Brother turned to me and said "I am so proud of you .. you are beautiful and Nick and his family are so lucky to get you today as part of their family " as you know now I cried and was pretty much sure I would have had black eyes had I not decided last minute NOT to wear mascara I now know that was a good choice lol

The music started. ..

family photoAlex and Kiaran ( my pageboys ), Alisha and Allie (Bridesmaid and MOH) set off walking and I was given the nod to walk too ... as we turned the corner and came into sight of everyone don't you just know it ... I stumble on the flare of my dress I looked at Alan and the panic must have been clear to see he just smiled and we carried on, till the heel of my shoe got stuck in a cobble and then I said to him, get ready we are going to fall, he said well I hope you have nice clean knickers on because they will all see everything and at that we chuckled all the way down the red carpeted aisle...

I looked at my soon to be Husband and he blew me away I had seen him in his suit before but today he looked even more gorgeous than ever and I could see his eyes were full and he was holding well .... the ceremony began and Alex decided woo hoo I am free to run around all this lawn and so he did ... then he came into the gazebo to us and at one point ( well for 5 seconds) stood with us holding hands .... the vows went almost without a hitch .. Nick stumbled when he said lawfully wedded wife!!! She kept telling me to speak louder lol

Then as we were signing the register Alex brought me a handful of daisies which almost set me crying again lol

Perfect Weather for a Perfect Day

boys on tableWe were introduced as Husband and wife to our guests and as I looked into the sky it was a very clear blue with not a wisp of a cloud anywhere .... perfect weather for a perfect day.

We did the photos and had a wander by ourselves, it was at that point that I realised I love this man more today than I ever thought possible.. I knew he was all I wanted in a man but at this point I felt so overwhelmed by the love I have for him that I thought I was going to sob ...

I had asked the venue to allow me to go into the room before they seated everyone for the meal and here was our coordinator to say its time to peep ....... absolutely stunning. I knew how much I had worked for perfection but this was more than I anticipated ... marvelous !!!

Everyone was seated and I watched everyone get into conversations with each other and it was great. I had mixed the families with like minded relations from each side ... it worked .... the kids loved the idea of having their own table and Helen and Mark sat on the craft table to help make sure no kids was eating glue sticks ! they loved it .. not a single row or push in sight. It was a success !!! I watched smiles all around the room seemed like everyone was having a good time ...

Tears came Flooding

tableThe meal was fantastic ! I could hear lovely comments from everyone including the kids ! looked like most plates were cleaned well most being everyone but me ! I still couldn't eat ! ...... all 3 courses came and went in a blur i just seemed to be gazing around the room and getting a real thrill watching everyone have so much fun .. the love is cards got people talking the disposable cameras flashing away kids playing or making things and then my boy Stefan walked up to us and presented Nick with a card he had made saying .... please would you take the roll of Dad and the tears came flooding! everyone who saw the card filled up! as he stood waiting for a reply... of course Nick said he would be Honoured.

We had some lovely cards from the children things we will cherish forever. Next came the speeches and yeah, they were really good..... Nick thanked my nephew for allowing us to share his special day and the best man gave a drunken story about Nick and then he thanked me for making his Brother happy ... you guessed it ... I cried again lol

The time just flew and before I knew it our reception guests were arriving .. the room was transformed with a dance floor and our cake in the middle of the dance floor.... the coordinator called for us to cut the cake, we held the knife and Nick started pushing the knife, I thought he was going to snap my fingers!!!!

Always and Forever

first danceThen on to our first dance Always and Forever ..... Nick sang the song to me ... really sweet ... felt like there was no one else in the room at that time then I glanced round and people had the tissues out so we called for couples to join us.

The music flowed all night. Nick played bass guitar wonderfully and everyone just jammed it was awesome, people were wowed by the whole thing.

The amount of "what a wedding" and "this wedding will be one that is talked about for a long long time" came thick and fast. I knew that I had enjoyed the day, I knew that my children had enjoyed the day, I knew that my new Husband had enjoyed the day and also that our guests made it known that they too had enjoyed the day and they all thanked us for allowing them to be a part of it.

We retired to the room at about 1am after the last of our guests had left ( after asking the hotel to wrap some cake to take away) lol.

We decided to open our cards up and have a glass or two of wine .. it felt fantastic just sitting with " my HUSBAND" all alone and discussing our wonderful day...