Marina & Terry's Wedding - 15th January 2008

marinaMarina registered with our forums on the 10th Feb 2007, but took another 6 months before she introduced herself withwith this opening post:

"Hello I decided that it's time to introduce myself. I have been a 'lurker' for long enough and now we are starting to plan the wedding, so I thought Ihad better move into the light. [...] I'm not going to release any of the details just yet as I dont want to tempt fate, but it is all planned in my head. Just got to put it all into practice! Oh and buy a dress!!" [ full post here ]

By the day of her wedding there had been over a 1,000 posts covering all aspects of planning her wedding, from the highs of getting her beautiful dress and the very first RSVP dropping through the letterbox, to the lows of putting on, and I quote, "2 kilos over christmas" or the dissapointment of being told they could not have fish and chips - then the relief of being told they could have them after all :)

However... this is not the time to go over the ups and downs of planning Marina's wedding, this is the time for the story of the wedding day to be told. Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy as Marina, in her own words, tells us all about her big day.

Our story

The day started off really relaxed.  The girls all came round and we had a champagne breakfast. Stupidly I decided to wash up the scrambled egg pan and ruined the tip of one of my nails so I put an emergency phone call into the lady doing my make up and she brought round some white tip with her!!

The hairdresser arrived at 10.30 and she started off with my both of my cousins, we had put on the sex and the city DVD’s and it really felt like we were getting ready for a girls night out!!

marina 1Then the make up lady arrived and rescued my nails - my Mum had also arrived by now so she had her make-up done first because she had to go home to get ready.  By 12:00 we were all finished with hair and make up and just had to get dressed, in theory we had 2 hours, but this time just flew past and before I knew it it was 1:00 and we were rushing to get me in my dress.

Rain, rain everywhere, and not an Ark in sight!

It was pouring with rain and my cousin had to drive 100 metres up the road to my mum and dads house to bring them down to my house as the rain was so heavy they couldn’t walk down here.

We were all ready to leave when I realised that I needed to pee!! And the more I thought about it the worse it got, so I had to rush upstairs and squeeze into the guest bathroom leaving all doors wide open!! Phew!

We decided to park the cars in our garage so we could get in, in the dry, mum, my cousin, and best friend left in their car and then my car was driven in to the garage I was getting tetchy at this point but it was only 14:10 and we are a 10-15 minute drive from church so plenty of time, but I was wishing we had Lewis Hamilton at the wheel as it seemed to take forever (the roads were so slippy so we were actually driving at a sensible pace!).  When we got to the church the ushers were all there with the umbrellas waiting for me and I got out of the car with my skirts up around my waist showing off my hold it all in underwear!!!

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

The whole service is a complete blur, I felt like I was having an out of body experience.  I don’t remember walking down the aisle but saying our vows and lighting the unity candle are really clear memories.

I remember seeing Terry in his suit and he looked gorgeous and I remember thinking I’ll marry him! The vicar told a joke/story as part of his address, it’s the joke about the husband and wife’s role in a Bar – B – Que, you know the one where actually the wife does everything but the husband turns the meat on the BBQ so thinks he has done the cooking.  Anyway it had us all laughing.

We left the church accompanied by drummers from the Band of the Island and it was just amazing, I just wish we had walked a bit slower!!!!

Because of the rain we had to go to plan C for the photos.  Our guests all went to the reception while we took family photos at the church, which took forever!!

marina cake cuttingEventually we got to the reception and were met by loads of applause – it was still raining so I had put on my welly boots to walk from the car to the restaurant and I made a grand entrance showing off my boots!!

We had about an hour talking to everyone and drinking champagne before we went in to sit down and eat.  The room looked amazing and I kept saying has someone taken a photo of this! We did the speeches first off which were all very funny even my Dads, but he had the wrong glasses on and couldn’t read his notes so I don’t know if I was laughing more at this or his jokes! Terry said in his speech that as I walked into the church he looked at me and he had tears in his eyes and he started to worry that he would be blubbering by the time he got to his vows. I finished off the speeches with my little speech thanking our friends for being with us today.

Fish and Chips for 130 Luv, Wrap em Double

The food was great particularly considering a week before the event they had tried to change the menu everyone oohed and ahhd when they got their fish and chips.  During the meal we had a singer who sounds like Frank Sinatra and he sang loads of brat pack type songs and people were up and dancing all through the meal.

marina dancingWe had our first dance at about 8.30 to Octopuses Garden by The Beatles.  Because of the rain we decided to have the confetti throwing at this point too.  The only problem we had was we had a full dance routine and people were running up and trying to get between us and turn us round for photos and T kept saying not yet we will turn in 8 bars time (I have no idea how long a bar is but I knew we turned on the word shade!).

The DJ was amazing he took control of all the evening entertainment and he did 30 minute sets and then the band did 45 minute sets, people were up dancing all night – I think I was on the dance floor for an hour solid. 

We served up bacon butties at about 10.30, which proved really popular. And although I had ordered far too many sweets for the pick and mix table everyone took a bag of sweets home and we had very few left!

As it came to the end of the night the DJ played our first dance song as the last dance so we did our routine again while all the guests danced in a circle around us.

I smiled all day long and both T and I said the next day we had jaw ache from smiling all day.

It was an amazing day and the only down side to it was that because of the weather we couldn’t get a group photo of all our guests – oh well we have our memories.

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