Nicki and Sam's Wedding - 21st December 2007

nicki and samNicki joined the wedding forums on the 7th January 2007 and simply told us with her first few posts :

"Hi all, I am getting married four days before xmas this year - anybody got any nice christmassy ideas??? My head is full of plans and want to do everything now but got 11 months I suppose - it seems a lifetime away at the moment."

It may have seemed like a lifetime back then, but those 11 months came and went pretty quick. Nicki has contributed almost 7,000 posts to the wedding forums, but, thankfully, they were not all about her own wedding!

Throughout Nicki's time on the forum we have shared the planning of her wedding, the anticipation as she started to learn to dance, the annoyance of florists not turning up for their appointment, the excitement of her dress arriving, the great news that the new room the venue could be used..... I could go on, but I think we shared pretty much every aspect of the planning with Nicki (she does like to talk...)

As she likes to talk so much it's about time I handed over to Nicki to walk, or should that be talk, us through her wedding day.

The night before the wedding myself and my Matron stayed at the hotel and set up the venue, it looked stunning when we had finished. It was wonderful, we went to bed about 11.30 and by now my tummy was going round in circles ... I tried to sleep but didn't manage very well...

nicki getting readyAt 6 the next morning I was up and awake and my tummy was now in bits!! However, I was very calm... We had breakfast brought up to the room and I ate a couple of croissants and had a coffee then my mum came to pick us up to take us to the salon. Amy (Moments Videography >>) was waiting at the salon, ready to film.

At the salon, we got pampered and had our hair, make up and nails done and had glass of bucks fizz. With that all sorted it was time to go back to the hotel.

We arrived back at the hotel and rushed up stairs to the room as Sam was now on his way in the limo. I saw John and Jo (J Doran Photography >>) and it all suddenly seemed so real!!

I got up to the room and me, my Mum and bridesmaids got ready and as I stood there in my dress it all seemed so real... it was really happening, I was getting married!

The next thing I knew was the limo pulling up downstairs and Sam was here with his Dad and Brother and my Dad and Ben. I could hear them talking downstairs, it was really strange. I had some photos taken upstairs while we were waiting.

Contagious Crying

nicki and sam The next hour went soooo quick and before I knew it it was time to get downstairs and get married. We stood on the stairs ready to go...

There was Ben and my Mum in the lead then my Mother-in-Law and Bridesmaid then my Matron of Honour then finally me and my Dad. We slowly walked down the stairs to "A Whole New World" and as we walked over to the ceremony room and I stood at the top of the aisle our song came on "All of You" and me and my Dad slowly began to walk.....

Sam looked round and then that was it, he crumbled, he cried and then his Sister and Brother cried and then as I got to the end of aisle Ben started and he sobbed and sobbed he was hysterical!

Somehow I managed to compose myself and didn't cry, although it was very close! We then started the ceremony, unfortunately Ben was crying too much to do his reading but the registrar did it for him and she cried! lol....

Then as we were saying our vows Sam suddenly pointed at something... it was the garland Linda had made for us, it was on fire, the candle had caught it, so the registrar quickly blew and fanned it out. We then continued with the service and were pronounced man and wife!!!!! It was soooo lovely!!!

We then signed the registrar and had photos before walking out to "For Once In Your Life" by Michael Buble with a bit of a boogie to go with it lol (unplanned).

Enough Wine and Champagne ?

nicki tableWe then went outside for photos and champagne .We had some fantastic photos taken, really amusing ones like me and Ben running down the grass, all three of us jumping in the air, pulling faces at each other. Next Amy and Daryl wanted us to do a shoot of us walking romantically round the grounds so as we were walking I ... tripped lololol... (editors note : just one glass bottle of champagne...)

Then we went inside and were introduced into the conservatory as "Mr and Mrs Mole". The speeches were then done, they were hilarious, I was so proud of Sam he was fab and the best mans was fantastic too, my Dads was also lovely. I then stood up and raised a toast to my Brother who is not longer with us, this was totally unplanned but felt very right at the time.

We then had our meal and it was fabulous. Everybody mingled, it was great to see all our families and friends getting on so well.

After the meal we did our "perfect day" video. It was hilarious and I can't wait to see the video! I also cant wait for you guys to see it either it certainly broke the ice and I have never seen people laugh so much in my life!!

Link to video will appear here as soon as it is online...

We had more photos taken, which are fantastic, Jo and John are such fantastic photographers and the imaginative photo ideas they had were fantastic!!!!!!!!

Mmmm Cake

The evening started with me and Sam cutting the cake, then followed our first dance to "The First Time I Saw Your Face" and Sam started crying - which in turn made me cry - it was lovely.

Then me and my Dad did our waltz with Sam's mum singing "Moon River" - I only made one mistake, but nobody noticed. It was so nerve wracking lol and then I turned round to see my Matron crying her eyes out, I wondered what was wrong and she said "it's cos your so beautiful" !! aaaaahhhh

Then we partied the night away and it truly was the best......

Every little bit of planning was worth every minute and every penny. It truly was the most magical day of my life, I had my fairytale wedding and it is still so surreal. I loved every second and keep reliving it in my mind....

I am truly so happy and me and my new husband are now planning our first child together so watch this space...... (editors note : or watch the Baby Chaos forums where Nicki is already racking up the posts...)

There are more photos back on the forum >

nicki and sam

Photos courtesy of J Doran Photography; based in Stafford, near Birmingham. Their relaxed, contemporary wedding photography is offered in a range of packages to suit everyone. For more information contact Jo via