Niki and Lolli's Wedding - 27th June 2009

NikiAfter a 5 hour journey to Bristol, instead of the normal 3 hours, we were hoping for some sun, so the rainy Friday wasn't a great start but keeping positive we got all our final preparations done and the suits collected.

Finally Saturday morning dawned; I looked out of the bedroom window and saw grey skies and a hint of dampness in the air, but decided I wasn't going to stress as the wedding wasn't until 3.15pm. So I got up had some breakfast and chatted with my Mum, Dad and Granny and was generally very relaxed about everything. At 11am my sister arrived to do my hair.... having driven from her house in pyjamas and attractive look!

At that moment the door bell rang and the florist had arrived with my flowers and the buttonholes, the bouquet was absolutely gorgeous the flowers so fresh and perfect. Then my Mum and Gran headed off to the hairdresser with instructions from my sis to get champagne as they hadn't got any in much to her shock and dismay! My Dad took 3 of the button holes down to Lolli in the hotel, along with my pillow and other stuff that I needed at the hotel, he was also getting the 2 disposable camera's off Lolli so I could put them with the favours so we could have them in the restaurant for random shots after the photographer had gone home.

On With The Dress

double decker busSo my sis and I had a lovely bit of time to ourselves to chat whilst getting my hair into curlers. Once everyone returned we had some lunch and before we knew it the photographer had arrived. He took a few photos of my sis doing my incredibly unflattering are those kind of photos! Then it was on with the dress at last, it looked wonderful and it all started to seem more and more real.

Once we were all dressed and made up we headed into my parents garden for some photos whilst waiting for the bus to arrive. I hadn't told anyone what kind of transport we were having, I'd been very vague, but the photographer gave it away just before the bus arrived! Anyway they were all surprised but also said that they had guessed! Lol

The journey to the register office was nice as it was very relaxed and of course a double decker bus is very spacious. The sun had by now come out in full force and as we drove into town it was so lovely seeing people's faces lighting up when they saw the wedding ribbons on the bus, loads of strangers waving and wishing us luck which was great.

The Bus Was On Time (Really...)

niki on the phoneThe register office had said that Lolli needed to get there 30 mins before the wedding so they could check all the details as it was a year since the forms had been done and things may have changed (they had as he had a birthday), then he would wait in the Lantern Room and they would interview me separately.

The bus arrived exactly 30 mins before the wedding so we waited on the bus to make sure we didn't bump into Lolli on the way. We had a few photos while passing the time including total strangers taking photos of me on the bus which I thought was odd! Then I figured it would be time to head in myself, and went to the main double doors to go in...there we were met by an usher (a register office employee) who asked what wedding we were, I explained the 3.15 in the Lantern Room and he said well the groom isn't here yet you'll have to go away.

I didn't believe him and we went back and forth with me not believing him and saying stop winding me up it's not funny. He insisted that Lolli wasn't there and I was not convinced by him so tried calling Lolli and it went to voicemail, this wasn't a surprise since I expected his phone to be off for our wedding!

I then tried his sisters mobile and a man answered which is odd and then he didn't answer me when I asked who it was, and could he hear me etc so I ended up hanging up on him! Meanwhile the usher bloke was trying to make me leave as Lolli would see me when he arrived. I ignored him and tried another phone number without success, then at this point another register office man came down as said why are you waiting here your groom is upstairs waiting!

So he was there the whole time and had actually been early, I said well HE (and I pointed at him looking very guilty and sheepish) told me my groom wasn't here and when I didn't believe him he insisted! The other guy apologised for getting confused as they had 3 weddings at the same time. I said well you're lucky I'm a calm person because you could have ruined the day for some women you should be more careful. (Unbelievable that he did that I think).

I Was Grinning Like a Loon

niki and lolliAnyway moving on..... I had my interview and then it was time to walk in with my Dad. It was amazing when the doors opened and we walked down. I was looking around trying to see everyone and grinning like a loon. The ceremony was quite short but lovely. The reading that Lolli's sister was doing for us was Benediction of the Apaches and I'd printed it out on a nice card for them to give to her just before because I expected that she'd forget it.

Unfortunately they gave it to her in the hotel and that's exactly where she left it! Lol so she explained to us all that she'd found the email from me on a blackberry so was going to do the reading from that (whilst hoping nobody called or texted at the same time!) the registrar then said she had a paper copy of it so gave that to her. It was very funny and broke the tension in the room.

When it got to our vows, the bit where you have to repeat your partner's name, I was nervous. As Lolli's full name is difficult for me to say correctly. Our English tongues don't really make those Icelandic sounds so I was feeling a bit under pressure. So, as I got to that bit Lolli leant in close with his ear very close to my mouth, that helped loads....Not! So of course I got it wrong and everyone had a good laugh.

Struggling Artist Marries Filthy Rich

mum and dadBefore I knew it we were signing the register and have photos with the dummy register which also made us laugh as the fake entries had things like struggling artist marries filthy rich. Then we headed out and told everyone that the big red bus was for us and Lolli's grandma was really shocked and thought we were joking.  We all then headed up to Cabot Tower for photos, of course I'd been in the park many times and usually there is hardly anyone there but our wedding day turned out to be the hottest day of the year and the park was packed!

We gave everyone glasses of champagne or apple juice and tried to get them up the hill for photos, after a bit of complaining about the hill we got people part of the way up and amazingly managed to get lots of great photos that weren't full of all the strangers that were filling the park. Sadly we didn't get up as far as I'd have liked to but even if we had I think it would have been too full of people to get good photos. The photographer did brilliantly and almost got Lolli's grandma to smile!

Then it was back to the bus for a tour before going to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. The tour was much shorter than intended as the photos took so much longer than I expected; but everyone loved it.  Suddenly we were at the Chinese restaurant which everyone was relieved to find had aircon! The cake my sister made had pride of place and looked amazing, and massive, she did an extra tier as she thought it would look better. I then said to Lolli it was a shame he hadn't given the disposable cameras to my Dad and he said, yes I turns out my Dad had them in the car and had left them there and his memory is normally so good!  So no photos from the evening but I am sure we'll be able to get piccies off everyone else that had cameras there.

Cathay Rendezvous, so Much Food, Truly Brilliant

nikis favoursWhilst we had everyone in the room I explained about wedding favours as they don't do such things in Iceland and then we handed them out to everyone. They went down really well and people seemed very impressed with the personalised keyring and vodka. The food started to come out and it was sooooo delicious I think we've ruined Chinese food for many people now as whenever they have Chinese food again it will be compared to Cathay Rendezvous. There was so much food and they just took care of everything they found the 2 vegetarians before I had chance to tell them and basically sorted it all out, they were truly brilliant. We eventually left at about 12.30...I think. As we walked along King Street to the hotel we had people saying congratulations and then a couple of girls came over all excited, OMG you're the bride, you look gorgeous, amazing....let me hug you! Lol

Once we got to our hotel room Lolli's Dad and 2 sisters were with us and we all finished off the open bottle of champagne which was still cool and fizzy which was a surprise considering it was opened so many hours before. I was pretty tired by this time and started to yawn and Lolli's sister shouted to the rest of them come on pack up we're leaving....when the bride says she's tired on her wedding night it's time to leave her in peace...(it was a true miracle)

The perfect day was over and our sunny North Wales honeymoon was about to begin.