Olwyn and Rays's Wedding - 6th June 2009

OlwynFriday 5th June

It had been a busy day and I finally had some time to myself after making sure everything was at the hotel, Ray and Craig (his brother) and Best Man suits, the place cards etc – my trust was now left in the hands of the hotel. I had already been over to the church to attach the pew ends with my sister-in-law and put the younger bridesmaids who were staying at my house to bed – I eagerly awaited the arrival of my daughter for a few quiet drinks and a chin-wag.  Alas she never made it and a phone conversation with Ray a little later in the evening soon left me in a slight panic. 

I asked (for the upteenth time) if he had his speech finished and he assured me he did.  Have you thanked our parents and the bridesmaids....umm 'no was I suppose to' was his reply – I had, a few months earlier, printed him the guidance notes from Chaos so he had no excuse really.  So no guesses how I spent the rest of my 'relaxing' evening – yes, writing HIS speech grrr... I also finished off the check list for my wedding PA and my poems and by 10pm I was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself.  I would have been fine if I hadn't of receive a text off  my friend Rachael – she has this un-canny knack of doing things like that right at my most vunerable moment. She could tell by my replies that all wasnt right and I thought I had got a way with it.  No such luck a few minutes later I'm sobbing like a baby, my son, who had been happily tapping away at his computer, comes running over to see what was wrong and then Ray rang, you would have thought I had never cried before. Ray was getting ready to come home but I assured him I was fine – it was just the emotions of the last few months all coming out.  I eventually went to bed just before 11pm after chatting to him for half hour.

Saturday 6th June – Wedding Day

Surprisingly, after the night before, I had a lovely sleep and woke up at 6.30am, quick jump in the shower before the hair and make-up ladies arrived at 6.45am.  I got Jade and Danielle out of bed and had a quick look out the window – RAIN, it was forecast for all day but I was obviously praying for a miracle.

After the girls had hauled themselves out of bed and had a wash it was time for Danielle to start having her hair done.  I was ringing Sara, my daughter, to hurry up as she had promised me she would be here by 7am.....um more like 8.15am!!!!!!!  In the mean time I just pottered around the house while Jade had her hair done next.  Sara eventually arrived and I sat her straight down and went out to make us all some bacon butties – yes I know I should have been the pampered one but I just wanted to keep myself busy and ignore the torrential rain slamming against the window outside.

At 9.15am and my other two bridesmaids  and god-daughters, Karis and Dion, arrived and it was straight down to business with Dion – Karis was getting more and more impatient as the other girls all had their curls in.  Oops she wasnt happy when I went next haha and just kept glaring at me so I gave her a cwtch (affectionate hug) and told her a story while she waited.  My friend Natalie, the last of my maids, arrived at 10.30am so by now the house was a constant buzz of squeals and laughter.  My PA arrived shortly after Natalie and I gave her her list of jobs which included some last minute sewing of Saras' dress and removing the straps from mine which somehow had been left in – she just got on with it and also cleaned the kitchen which was an unexpected surprise.  My flowers arrived while I was having my make-up applied so I didnt get chance to look at them until a little later – everyone assured me they were lovely and they were except the stems should have been fully bound with ribbon. The rain by now was pounding a foot off the floor but all I kept saying was dont worry, it will be fine – Ive ordered the sunshine!

I Was Still Stood Half Naked

The time was now 11.45am and we were all ready except for getting dressed – the little ones were nagging to wear their pretty dresses but we wanted to leave it until as late as possible.  Don't ask me where the time went but the next time I enquired I was told it was 12.25pm eekkk we were getting married at 1pm and it takes a good 20 minutes to get into my dress.  All hell broke loose as the girls realised they could finally get dressed, they bounded up the stairs like a herd of gazelles – I walked into my bedroom to find it had been taking over by 3 princesses frantically getting dressed.  I was left to crawl over the bed to reach my underwear and had to change in the bathroom...nice!  My dress was downstairs and I ended up stuck in the middle of my living room in my bra, knickers and hoop waiting to get my dress on ummmmm excuse me but the Bride needs help!!!!!!!  By now it was 12.40pm and I was starting to panic slightly as I was still stood half naked with everyone else all dressed and being given the final preen. 

Eventually I was helped into my dress and then the task of lacing it up had the girls slightly confused – 25 minutes later and I was good to go.....5 minutes after 1pm!!!!  In all the fuss I had totally forgot about the rain and was pleased to find it had stopped – my videographer told me afterwards that on the drive down to our house it was if  there was a halo shining  in the middle of the gloomy clouds which happened to fall right over my house – which was good as we had to walk 100 metres to the church!  

the bridal partyWe made our way slowly to the church and our dresses were hunched up trying to avoid the puddles.  I was surprised at how many people were outside taking photos and we had to literally stop the traffic to pass, it was lovely having people wish me luck as we walked along and I'm glad we lived so near to be able to do so.

Front left - Danielle - Rays niece, Jade - Rays daughter, Dion and Karis - my nieces and god-daughters. Sara - my daughter, Natalie - friend and me

I Could Still Change my Mind

The time was now 1.20pm and Ray was getting more and more edgy but he didnt doubt I would turn up.  My Dad was waiting for me at the top of the aisle and the organist started playing Trumpet Voluntary, our que to start walking down the aisle.  My Dad ever the joker said I could still change my mind if I wanted but there was only one way I was going and that was to meet my man!!!   We have been attending Church since the new year so have got to know the vicar and parishoners quite well, a few came to watch – I think it made a big difference as we were quite relaxed and Father Edward kept reassuring us throught the service.  I didnt realise how quickily it went and that was even with singing 3 hymns and a reading given by my daughter Sara, time flew by. 

Before I knew it we were in the Vestry signing the Register – whilst everyone was waiting the Newport Male Voice Choir entertained them with renditions of 'Cwm Rhondda' or Bread of Heaven as its more commonly know and 'She' which didnt leave a dry eye in the house.  I had a grin on my face like a Cheshire Cat listening to them.  Earlier in the week I spoke to the head of the Choir and he had offered to sing us out as well so they started singing a meddly of 'You are so beautiful to me' and 'Wind Beneath my Wings' as we came out of the vestry, we stopped for our first kiss as husband and wife and made our way back down the aisle looking at all the smiling faces of our family and friends.

Olwyn and familyLuckily it was still dry so we were able to take some more photos outside the church but we could see the dark clouds approaching. By the time it came for the throwing of the confetti it was starting to spit with rain so decided just a mini one and have a proper one at the hotel.  We had planned to visit a local park for more photos but obviously with the weather taking a turn for the worse we climbed into our limos and headed straight to the hotel instead.

Rays mum to the left, my parents to the right - my brother Richard popping in there too.

At the hotel the limo was just about able to negotiate itself under the canopy which saved us getting wet – we were greeted by the hotel Toast Master and escorted to our cocktail area.  Our guests were already waiting for us and we were served with our welcome drinks of either white or rose wine, I had the rose.  We didnt want canapes so we opted for chocolate dipped strawberries instead which went down a treat mmm they were lovely.  

Strawberries mmmmmmm

olwyn and strawberries

Another stroke of luck the sun came back out so we all went outside for some more photos and this time we did manage to get the confetti shot!!!

Sara and Dion with me

olwyn, sara, dion olwyn and family

olwyns cakeIt was just me and my new husband in the line-up to greet everyone but just before I had to go and have a peek of the reception room just to make sure everything was in its place – it was beautiful, all those months of hard planning and meeting with my chair cover lady had been worthwhile, it was stunning.

The cake proved to be a big talking point of the day. It had 4 different sponge flavour layers, vanilla on the bottom, then chocolate, then lemon (my fav) and finally orange - it was lovely and moist.

We bought the Bride Mickey n Minnie in Florida last year. 

The New Mr & Mrs Hall

Bang bang goes a hammer, the Toast Master announces us into the room as the new Mr & Mrs Hall – instead of the usual clapping everyone rang a bell, of course being the rowdy lot they are they couldn't help but cheer us too which was lovely.  Our meal was served straight away – we had broccoli and stilton soup, roast beef with roasties and boiled potatoes, green beans and carrots and finished off with lemon cheescake and cream.  I have to say the food was gorgeous, cooked to perfection and plenty of it.

Speeches next –  My Dad had a stoke a few years ago and he had told me he didn't want to say anything so you can imagine my surprise when he stood up and said some nice things about me and the effort I had put in, quick pass the hankies.  Remember Ray hadnt done his properly but thankfully he didnt do too bad....except FORGET MY NAME!!!!!!!! I did see the funny side of it and it had our guests in stiches.  The girls loved their gifts – we gave the 3 younger ones bedtime Minnie Mouse cuddly toys with their names embroidered on the blanket and vouchers for the older ones.  Instead of cut flowers we bought our mums a Orchid which were lovely, a bottle of whisky for my Dad and a watch for the Best Man.  I read out two poems, one for my new husband and one for my girl-friends who have been like a rock to me through the years – yes tears again but it was worth it.  Craig the Best Man managed to embarrass Ray, which is his duty.  We nearly forget to give out the favours which were mini welshcakes, white chocolate and cranberry flavoured - they were lush. 

Roulette and Black Jack

After the speeches we retired to the cocktail area where we had booked a fun casino for our guests – this went down a treat, especially with the men, but it was Auntie Wendy who won the prize of a bottle of champagne.  We went outside for some more photos before joining our guests at the roulette and black jack tables.

Again the time flew by and before we knew it some of our evening guests were arriving so we all headed into the reception room for our evening party.  Instead of the normal DJ I had found one at a wedding fair that had a big screen that showed vidoes along with the music – this was brilliant and just a little hankering on my part to my mis-spent youth in the late 80s when music vidoes were all the rage.

Time for our first dance and we chose 'Baby Im amazed by You' by Lonestar as the words to this song remind of the things that Ray says to me.  Everyone was enjoying themselves, the dance-floor was never empty, the buffet was served and again the food was lovely.  The highlight of the evening though has to go to my 8 year old Nephew Bleddyn, he's normally so introverted and quiet but that night he was a star, all the kids were, the video screen had them mesmerised and they were copying the dance moves. All of a sudden I become aware of whooping and cheering and look towards the dance floor. The DJ noticed Bleddyn body popping and sliding across the dance floor so put on Run DMC - a dance off was kicking off! Next thing I know Lee, one of our guests is doing the 'caterpillar' across the floor much to the delights of the audience now circling the dance floor.  Que my brother Richard who takes off his shirt and does a one handed press-up, not to be beaten Bleddyn does a head spin. 

Thats not all, Lee gets both Karis and Dion on his back and starts doing press-ups, it was hysterical and really made the evening – everyone was cheering and clapping, you just cant pay for entertainment like that!

Lee doing his caterpillar and my brother Richard - not one to be up-staged (that boy gets in everywhere)

lee doing caterpillar#  brother richard

Bleddyn with Karis & Dion

bleddyn, karis, dion

bedThe rest of the evening flew by and it was nearing mid-night and some guests who had been out all day came to say there goodbyes and thanked us for an amazing day which is always lovely to hear.  The disco eventually ended at 1am with 12 of us left standing. We went out into the bar area and had a final drink while some waited for taxis – it was 2.20am before we eventually retired to our bridal suite but I could have partied all night!

Our room had been decorated by my friends who also left a lovely bottle of bubbly and some of our favours on the bed for us.  

All in all it had been a fabulous day, the walk to the church was fantastic plus we managed to dodge the rain for the most, but there was no way we were going to let the rain end play! The hotel was the fairytale I had imagined but most of all our guests helped us have the most magical day ever!