Rosie and Steven's Wedding - 1st December 2007

rosieRosie joined the wedding forums on the 25th May 2007 and told us:

"Hi everyone. I have been on this forum for a short time now and I think it's about time I tell you about my day!

Steven and I are getting married on 1st December this year, at the Royal Lodge in Bridge of Allan, nr Stirling. It's a small lodge perfect for our approx 60 guests. The entire day is to be held here, ceremony through to evening reception. There are bedrooms upstairs too, which are all included in the price.

[...] erm, at this point Rosie kept going and going and going, so click here to read the bit that would have gone here... [...]

"I hope I haven't bored you too much - I would however be interest to see what you all think "

Throughout Rosie's time on the forum we have shared the build up to the wedding, the highs of her first fitting in her beautiful dress, to being annoyed at working her way through half of the foundations that Debenhams sell, and still not being happy with the outcome! (not all at once I may add...)

If you want to know the outcome of Rosie's boobs being in the wrong place and what she did to stop her "..bosums tucked into my waistline.." her words, not mine, you can read about it here.  

We also got to share in those things that make us all laugh, such as when Rosie told us all "..the dress maker said the bra was all wrong as my boobs weren't in the place they should have been.." Rosie then decided to go to an underwear shop recommended to her by the wedding dress shop to get properly fitted.

However, this is not the time to go over the ups and downs of planning her wedding, this is the time for the story of the wedding day to be told. Grab a drink and sit back and enjoy as Rosie tells us, in her own words, all about her big day.

Well it really started on the Thursday before, I finished at work on the Wednesday, and I have never in my life been so busy as I was for the two days before the wedding.  I literally did not have a chance to sit down until the evenings – I was knackered!

rosie in curlersOn the Friday night we checked into the hotel, had my rehearsal, and then everyone dispersed leaving us free to go out for dinner.  Myself, Mum, Sister, Cheryl my Bridesmaid and my Dad all went for a lovely meal in the Italian restaurant just down from the hotel.  Yum Yum!  I then had an early night and a pretty restful sleep in might add!

I woke at 7am on the day of the wedding, and went downstairs for breakfast with my Mum, Sister and Bridesmaid.  We had a bottle of Dom Perignon with our breakfast, it was sooo lovely! 

The hairdresser and photographer arrived at 8.30 and we all then went upstairs to start getting ready.  I had huge curlers in my hair and was wearing a dressing gown – for 4 hours I looked like an old fishwife! I started to panick inwardly as the hair dresser took about an hour and half to do the first persons hair.  She still had my Mum, Sister and mines to do. 

But I tried to relax and tell myself it would all be fine. 

rosie in dressHair was 'Utterly Fabulous'

Finally at 12.30 (wedding started at 2) I was in the chair starting to get my hair done.  She had finished it by 1.45, but I must say, it was utterly fabulous.  There was not one single hair out of place, and it stayed in place for the whole day! 

So I then had to get into my dress, which was a complete nightmare as my Mum had a rough idea of how it should be laced up but she got it wrong half way down and had to start again!  Once she has finished it was too loose on me and had to tighten it two more times. 

I think all the running about I did the previous two days made me drop a few more pounds.  The lacing wasn’t perfect but it was the best it could be or else the dress would have been moving around all day! 

So I was finally ready by 2.15!  I didn’t cry, or get emotional – there wasn’t time!

The Ceremony Started

I went downstairs, and the ceremony started.  I was really nervous walking in with all those people watching me, but I vaguely remember some ooo’s and ahh’s when I came in.  I had asked Steven to watch me walking down the aisle, but when I came in he had his back to me!  I worried that he was mad because I was so late or that he was nervous.  I was later told that his mother had told him he wasn’t suppose to watch me as I walked down.  I was quite disappointed.  I wanted him to get the wow factor.

rosie signing the registerI finally reached the top and we said our vows.  It was over so quickly!  Steven was getting a bit emotional so I was squeezing his hands to say everything was ok.  He looked so handsome in his kilt he made me really proud!

Afterwards was pretty relaxed, drinks and photos for an hour, and we were actually about an hour late in getting the meal started which I never even noticed as I was too busy having a good time talking to all our guests!  Steven was being plied with drinks so he happily took up residence at the bar!  Although – give him his due he did mingle somewhat.

The Meal Was Amazing!

rosie tableThe meal was amazing!  So beautiful, and delicious!  The one thing that I was slightly disappointed about was when my Dad came to me saying he had ordered another couple of bottles of wine for all the tables, as our ‘limit’ was up.  I had only had about a third of a glass and then 1 top up.  We paid for a half bottle per person and there was no way that was anywhere near a half bottle.  I spoke to the head waiter who was under the impression 1 top up was limit.  I informed him that we had indeed paid for a half bottle and he reluctantly came round and gave everyone another glass of wine.

The speeches were very funny!  My Dad gave a fantastic heartfelt speech which made me cry – the first time that day!  Steven and the Best Man, well lets just say that people are still talking about it!  We were actually still on the speeches when some people for the evening time started appearing!  But it was all ok, we told them we were running late and just to relax and have a drink. 

Take That First Dance..

The evening started off with our first dance ‘Rule the World’ by Take That.  Then I realised I had made the biggest mistake – I personally drew up a song list of songs I wanted played at the disco.  BAD MOVE.  The disco and bar were open until 1am.  By 11pm I was so knackered I can’t even begin to tell you.  Every song that came on, I HAD to dance to because it was such a good song!  I have never been so happy to see everyone leaving and finally be able to get to sleep!

Overall the day was amazing, and nothing went wrong.  Everyone had such a great time, and they are all still talking about it! 

There are more photos back on the forum >

rosie steven cake