Sam and Andrew's Wedding - 6th October 2007

samSam joined the wedding forums on the 24th July 2007 and during the build-up to the wedding sought advice on many areas of the wedding planning, from figuring out what name to have on her passport, to the relief she felt when Andrew decided against the electric blue suit...

Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy as Sam tells us all about her big day.

So here it is, my write up at last, I know it’s taken a while.

I know I didn’t do a planning thread either so a tiny bit of background; we only booked the date with the registrar in June so we had about 4.5 months to organise everything. We wanted a small, informal wedding with none of the fuss, so we were married at a registry office in Sidcup Kent, then had the reception at a restaurant/bar in Greenwich with about 50 guests…..

On the morning of the wedding, I was fine, Hubby and I had a bit of brekkie together and I went off to get my hair done and he did the same, I wouldn’t see him now till he was standing at the top of the aisle. Hairdresser kept on saying how calm I was and it was great that I wasn’t nervous at all.

I then had a phone call from our florist to say that all the flowers were being delivered, but there is no one in!!! Yes, that’s because they were 2 hours early, but luckily they phoned me back to say that one of our neighbours had taken them in for us. So now I was a little stressed, worrying what if they go out and we can’t get the flowers (panic, panic..). So when my hair is still only half done my make-up lady phones me to say she’s sitting outside the house but not to worry…

Nervous Wreck (Until the Champagne...)

sam and andrewBy the time I get back to the house I am a bit of a nervous wreck, but my neighbour brings the flowers straight round, my make up gets underway and my Mum and Dad arrive - we soon crack open the champagne and had a bit of lunch so was feeling much better by this point.

Soon my hair and make up is all done and Hubbys parents and some other friends and family turn up, they all make a fuss of me and take some pictures. It was really lovely, I wasn’t nervous and I didn’t cry at all which I was really impressed with!

Before I knew it the car had arrived to take me my Mum and Dad to the registry office. The car was a surprise, it was a beautiful silver Bentley, I was very impressed!

As we pulled into the driveway of the register office loads of people were still outside and for some reason that really panicked me, I didn’t think I would see anyone before I went in. As I got out the car the photographer took a few photos and I remember thinking that they would be rubbish because I wasn’t smiling properly because I was so nervous. My Brother and his fiancee came rushing up to me and made a fuss of me and for some reason I burst into tears; I think I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing, but he had me laughing again the next minute.

My Dad walked me up the aisle and I was so nervous when we walked into the room as well as trying not to cry but had got it together by the time I got to the end. Saying our vows went by in a flash and before I knew it we were signing the papers and we were married! We both did really well and managed not to cry - LOL.

(More) Champagne in the Bentley

We travelled to the reception in our Bentley, drinking champagne, we were so so happy and I felt like a film star or something as loads of people waved whilst we sat in south London traffic near Greenwich. The reception went better than I could have hoped, the speeches were so touching and I even got up and said a couple of words (literally about 10 I think – but still unheard of for me). At the end of Hubbys speech he presented me with a pair of diamond earrings which were a complete surprise!!

Having worried about choosing a menu that everyone would like we were so happy as we had so many compliments about how good the food was (even though I could only manage about 1 mouthful).

The evening was spent dancing away and it really did go by in a flash!! We just got the fun cameras back this week and everyone seems to be having a ball in all of them which really pleased us. It's true that you don’t see much of your other half in between trying to talk to everyone, but we made sure we got a few dances together and he was making sure that my glass was topped up - LOL.

The whole day was better than I could have ever hoped for, it was just a perfect, special day that I will remember forever!!!

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