Sarah and Rob's Wedding - 14th February 2009

sarahIt all started the day before, most of our guests met at our house ready to travel down with us. When we arrived at Gretna Green everyone was so shocked, it was not what they expected. They all thought it was gorgeous!

Everybody checked into our rooms and that was when Rob and I were told we had been upgraded to the bridal suite, Rob so pleased he shouted YES!. So off we went to take a look - it was gorgeous - they had made sure us and our three children were very comfortable.

So we went for a meal and waited for the rest of our guests to turn up. I was feeling very anxious as my dress and suits were coming with one of Rob’s brothers and until they arrived I could not relax. A sigh of relief came when they all arrived at 7:30pm.

We all sat and had drinks with our guests until I left Rob in the bar and went off to sort out the children our for bed and have an early night.

Our Wedding Day

We woke at 7:30 to head off for an early breakfast, after which I kicked Rob out of the room so that I could get myself ready. I was feeling really calm at this point. After breakfast Rob headed off into Gretna Green town with some guests, at this point it still hadn’t sunk in that I was actually getting married later that day!

sarah at gretna greenI stood outside our room watching another bride do the same walk I would be doing a few hours later and chatting to another bride, who was so nervous, that I tried to calm her down. I suddenly asked what the time was she said 10:30 am I want oh my god and ran to my room and showered Lauren and sent her to have her hair dried at my Sisters room. I got in the shower still totally calm. The hair dresser and make up lady arrived at 11 am and asked if I was nervous. I said no, I really felt like I was at somebody else’s wedding.

My friend arrived to help me get dressed. I got a little shaky and then it hit me, what if Rob hated my dress!! In a panic all I kept saying is "he will hate it", my friend tried to put me at ease but it didn’t work. My Dad arrived and he shed a few tears before he told me that I look so beautiful.... it still didn’t hit me. Next the door opened our eldest son Kieran came in looking so handsome, then I cried a little, he was followed by our daughter and other son and the two other bridesmaid they look so lovely I gave out their gifts which they all loved.

Then my big sister came in and that’s when it really hit me - I was getting married - she cried and I cried and I kept saying he will hate my dress she assured me he wouldn’t and that I looked beautiful.

Off to the Chapel

sarh signing the registerThey all left to head off to the chapel and we had a 15 minute wait until the piper and Maggie (the wedding planner) came for me. I kept asking my Dad what time it was.

Then the knock on the door came. As we walked out the other wedding party were out taking pictures and telling me I look like a princess. We had a few pictures taken outside.

Then the door opened the children went first, but what I didn’t know is that our eldest was sobbing his heart out and told everyone my mummy is so beautiful. I caught Rob’s eye, he looked so handsome and he was crying so much couldn’t compose himself.

When I reached him he told me that I was stunning.

The vicar started welcoming everybody and asked us to join hands. As he said that I looked around and everyone was crying. Grown men 6 foot tall sobbing. I was so shocked that I never shed another tear. As we made our vows to each other Rob cried again and couldn’t get through his vows, he wouldn’t look at me. We exchanged rings and were pronounced man and wife. We signed the register and poor Rob started again.

We had a few pic’s in the chapel before heading outside for more pictures. The rain held off but I could see our guests shivering with cold, and I thought it was strange that I couldn’t feel the cold. the excitement kept me warm. As we head off to the gardens for more pictures I turned and said to Rob that I was losing my underskirt. It later turned out to be my garter I had lost it at the kissing gate. I had to recover it from the reception.

We had some more pictures taken then it was time for a welcome drink and to head in for our meal which was gorgeous. We sat back and watched our guests chatting to each other and enjoying the day so far.

The Best Man Speech

group photoThen it was time for the speech’s. Rob’s best man was his oldest brother, Alan. He made a lovely speech and toasted us, then the surprise came when Kieran asked if he could make a speech and stood himself on his chair and thanked everyone for coming. He said it was a lovely wedding day, the best ever, then told me I was the most beautiful and best mummy in the world and that he loved me. Which of course made me cry.

After the meal we had a few drinks in the bar and headed off to our room to relax before the evening started.

Once we went back to the reception, all our guests were waiting for us, all bar two that I was so eager for them to turn up. I kept looking out of the window. I headed outside for some air and that is when I saw them. It was our very own Jac (ravenwolf) and her husband Simon I was so pleased they made it after hugs we headed in doors.

I told the DJ that we was ready for our first dance and Roberta Flack’s "Tonight I celebrate my love for you" came on and Rob was so nervous as he doesn’t dance. We managed the dance and I was so proud of him for doing it without falling over my dress :)

The rest of the night was spent dancing away and watching our guests have a great time.

I'm so glad we chose to go away to Gretna Green. I don't feel like we missed out on anything by choosing a small wedding.