Stef and Martin's Wedding - 22nd September 2007

allyStef joined the wedding forums on the 18th April 2007 and told us:

"I'm getting married 22nd September, in Santorini, Greece. I'm soooo looking forward to it. The basics are in place, but I will be calling on all you girls to help me in the not too distant future, for sure."

Throughout Stef's time on the forum we have shared the build up to the wedding, the highs of her beautiful dress arriving, to the lows of an answer phone message from the Greek translator saying her and Martin's birth certificates are not valid. We also got to share in those things that can only seem like a crisis when you are close to your wedding - staining a nail with spray tan!

However, this is not the time to go over the ups and downs of planning her wedding, this is the time for the story of the wedding day to be told. Grab a drink and sit back and enjoy as Stef tells us all about her big day.


What can I say? We had a truly amazing time, so please bear with me, I may ramble!!

11th September - We (me, Martin, Mum, Dad, Hazel and Pete) set off for the airport. When we got there my Mum's cousin (Hazel) had organised for us to use the VIP area, and I only needed telling once!! I thought it was a really nice touch. We all had complimentary alcohol (rude not too!!!!) and nibbles. There's also free magazines etc for your flight. I never seen anyone famous, but I could get used to that treatment!

Anyway, our flight left on time and we landed earlier than expected at 21:30hrs, local time. It was still lovely and warm when we got our transfer, and we got our first glance of the Winery on our way to resort. The hotel was lovely and the owner Artemis is a real sweetheart. She spoke very little english, but we always managed to communicate.

Meeting Zoe, our Coordinator

Santo WineryOn the wednesday, we finally met up with Zoe, our wedding coordinator. We've had lots of dealings via email, so kind of felt like we knew her anyway. She was great! Really helpful and very informative. We went through all the details with her and she took us for our first visit to the winery. It was amazing, the views are to die for, they'll always be with me! We had the task over the next few days of finding a restaurant for the reception. It was a hard task - lots of eating and drinking - but the 6 of us had to do it!!! In the end, it was actually quite straight forward. I'd done a lot of research beforehand, and the one I sort of picked, was the one we used - Gods Garden.

We met with Zoe again on the Sunday, and finalised the reception.

The 6 of us visited the winery independently, so we could choose which wine we wanted after the ceremony. Again, that was a difficult task - but hey, it was for a good cause!!

The Guest Flew In

With everything in place, our guests could start arriving. Our first 2 flew in from Germany on the monday. They were followed by 17 on tuesday, and the last 2 on thursday. It was great having so many family and friends around you. We all met up every night in a bar we'd found, and that was really cool.

stefs guests

Friday, 21st September, was my Dad's birthday. I'd managed to get some fantastic cakes from a 24hour bakery, they were scrummy - but not good for the waistline!!! Dad was a little overwhelmed by 26 people all wishing him well. He's a quite chap and doesn't enjoy being center of attention - but I don't think he'll forget it. We went out for a nice meal that night, just my family. I didn't want a really hectic one and Martin had to move all his stuff to his mates room, as I wanted to follow tradition.

I had a fantastic nights sleep and woke really fresh. I went and had breakfast - well, 2 bits of bread and jam. Everyone was asking if I was nervous, and I think my trembling hands gave it away. I wasn't nervous about the marriage side of things, but a little daunted by the prospect of everyone looking at me! The weather was the worst it had been all holiday! There were actually clouds in the sky and the wind was pretty gusty, it was still hot though!! I wasn't bothered though, as I knew I couldn't control the weather, what would be, would be!!

I Can Scrub Up OK

stef drinking vinsantoThe morning seemed to take forever! I had my shower at 1130, and my hair was started at 1200hrs. As soon as I started getting ready, my nerves stopped. Now I'm not one for bigging myself up, but I can scrub up ok, and as the afternoon passed I could see myself transforming.

The coach arrived and took everyone at 1650hrs and my car was due at 1710hrs. By 1720hrs, I was starting, inwardly, to worry. The journey to the winery was about 10 - 15 minutes by car, and the wedding booked at 1730hrs!!!! Fret not, the car arrived about 1725hrs, and off we went.

When I arrived, they gave me a little glass of Vinsanto (a very sweet wine!!), which I was grateful for and then the show started!!! As I came out of the doors, I could see everyone.

The Ceremony Started

martinWhen I got to Martin (who'd been told to look out to sea, and not even glance at me!!), he gave me a kiss and the ceremony started. It was conducted in Greek and English and was a really lovely service - although I probably am a little biased!!

Immediately after the ceremony, the photographer whisked us off for some photos (some a little cheesy!!) and I was really starting to like the attention and feel modeling could be a career option for me! Ok, maybe not - but it wasn't half as bad as I thought it might be!

We stayed up at the winery until 19:30hrs, not quite getting the full on sunset, but never mind.

The Food was Delicious!

The reception was fantastic, the food truly delicious!! There was a choice of:

For starters: Vegetable Pancakes/ Saganaki (fried cheese)/ Dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves)

Main course: Lamb Kleftico/ Chicken Souvlaki/ Swordfish

We served our cake for dessert, and yes the cake topper arrived (albeit 07:30 the morning we left!!)

After the meal, we all went to a bar that we'd adopted. The owners were really lovely, they gave us champagne and had also organised a small firework display. It was very touching.

Then it was back to the hotel - day done!!

Martin and I had a really relaxing day, sunday. We went for a lovely meal, just the 2 of us, to finish the weekend off nicely.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for the day to go any better. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and am really looking forward to married life.

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stef and martin