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Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are a wonderful way to personalise your wedding cake and they make for a lovely keepsake after the big day. Your guests will be taken aback by the likenss of the figurines with the bride and groom, and will make a picture perfect photo opportunity.
Wedding Treasures
Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers that are custom made to match your complete outfits you will wear on your wedding day. Toppers are posted Worldwide by special delivery.
Wedding Cake Toppers
Cake toppers are a great way to personalise your wedding cake. If the bride and groom are keen on sport or have an unusual hobby this can be illustrated to great effect with the aid of a cake topper.

They make a striking feature to the wedding cake. You will need to decide whether you want a pre-made or bespoke cake topper. A pre-made cake topper will be cheaper than a bespoke topper as there is less work involved. To create a bespoke cake topper the artist may ask for a photograph of the bride and groom and may well make the figurine and email you a picture to check you are happy with it before it is finished.

Cake toppers are usually made from sugar icing, ceramics or fimo polymer clay. If the topper is made of sugar icing it should be glazed in order to help preserve it. This will also make it easier to clean.

Fimo polymer clay is a popular medium used by artists as it is a good material to use for making detailed miniatures and is non-toxic.

Some artists make there figurines from scratch by hand, while others may choose to use a mould. If you choose to have it made from scratch then you should anticipated it may well take longer to make so do allow yourself enough time.

When trying to decide upon a design for the cake topper, bear in mind that cake toppers are usually made to stand 6 inches tall including the base. Although the base may vary in size due to the pose of the figurine.

Artists will use a range of materials including beads, crystals, seed pearls and wire to bring the bride and groom figurine to life.