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Wedding Catering & Bars

Food and drink are one of the key elements to a successful wedding so try and sample the menu before you hire any caterers. If a caterer believes in the quality of there food and drink they will only be too willing for you to try there culinary delights and happily take on board feedback.
Elite Bar Services
Portable and temporary bar solutions for weddings, parties and events. Full range of branded draught and bottled products, glassware hire, bar hire, and other services available on request.
Wedding Catering & Bars
In times gone by wedding food was limited to two possible options either have a wedding breakfast as a sit down ,meal or a buffet. Things have changed a great deal over the years, now you have a wide choice in how you can present food to your wedding guests, ranging from the popular silver service, hog roast, barbecue to the mobile van offering ice cream, burgers, fish and chips.

Take your time in making your decision as to who will do the catering for your big day, as this area is a key element for many guests as to how successful the wedding day is. If the food is poor then your wedding will be remembered for the wrong reasons, get it right and your wedding will be talked about for many years to come.

Wedding guests look forward to eating the food so try and cater for all your guests as well as selecting something you both would like to eat. If you have children, vegetarians or people with special dietary needs make sure you have considered them also when planning your wedding meal, rather than catering for them as an after thought.