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Wedding Ceremony Abroad

If you want to get married somewhere hot, exotic and by a beach then you may wish to consider getting married abroad. You also have the benefit of starting your honeymoon early as you will already be on location. [Continued...]
Marriage Certificate Translation
We help people who have got married abroad to get their marriage certificate translated into the language they need. Fully professional and certified wedding certificate translations.
Wedding Ravello
At Wedding Ravello by A&C we plan weddings since 20 years. Forget the stress and breath, someone is taking care of your dream wedding on the Amalfi Coast: US. Full planning and advices from A to "I DO
Quinta Eventos
Quinta Eventos is an exclusive venue in Algarve, south Portugal, 30 minutes from Faro airport. A rural property from the 18th C and event company skilled and licensed to organize any type of event.
Wedding Ceremony Abroad
Would you like to get married abroad in a far off land. Somewhere hot, exotic, with white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, then perhaps you might like to consider tying the knot abroad.

Getting married abroad has a number of advantages including you being able to start your honeymoon earlier. There are travel agents which specialise in ceremonies abroad. Depending on what type of package you opt for they could arrange all your legal paperwork, and do as much or as little of the wedding organising as you wish.

It is possible in some countries to have a traditional wedding ceremony one such destination which its possible is Hawaii complete with Hala dancers.

Its important before you agree to get married abroad that you find out whether the wedding ceremony would be legally recognised here in the UK, otherwise you may have to take some necessary steps to ensure your marriage is legal.

If you do decide to hire a specialist then why not get them to deal with the legal red tape involved with ensuring the marriage is legalised. If you are offered a wedding package ask to have a breakdown of exactly what it entails, so you know what your getting for your money.