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Wedding Confetti & Petals

Many would argue a bride and groom haven't been congratulated by there guests until they receive a delicate shower of confetti or petals. From free dried rose petals to biodegradable there is now a wonderful selection to choose from. [Continued...]
Sweet Colours
We sell a huge range of freeze dried rose petals to use as decoration or as confetti for weddings.
We sell a large range of freeze dried rose petals at very competitive prices.Please check out our free sample service.
Wedding Confetti & Petals
Confetti and petals are traditionally thrown over the happy couple as they emerge from the church or wedding venue as newly weds.

The custom of throwing confetti is thought to date back as far as the Pagans where it was believed the married couple would receive a light showering of sugar coated nuts and grain.

There are a number of different materials which have been used over the years to celebrate the union of a couple such as rice, paper and real petals.

Rice throwing however has fallen out of favour with consumers as it is thought to be harmful to birds if swallowed.

A growing number of wedding venues are no longer allowing the throwing of confetti unless biodegradable petals are used (biodegradable petals are petals which have been freeze dried in order to preserve them). Hence why it is important to seek permission from your venue before you allow guests to use any confetti.

Non-biodegradable confetti could be used elsewhere throughout your wedding. For instance they could be scattered over the tables, used to personalise your wedding invitations and wedding favours. With an extensive range of shape and colours you will be spoilt for choice.