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Wedding Dance Lessons

If you have two left feet, but would like to wow your wedding guests Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers style then why not have some dance lessons. [Continued...]
Dance Matrix
Take the weight of your mind and the pressure of your feet with a mini-crash course of Dance Matrix Emergency Dance Lessons to get you through the big day confidently and comfortably.
Fun affordable private dance tuition for the beginner by a specialist. Choose from a few stylish basics or a routine for extra wow-factor. Competitive prices that include studio hire.
Wedding First Dance Lessons
We provide experienced & fun teachers to choreograph a routine for your first dance!No previous dance experience is needed,& two left feet is no problem!Lessons available at home or in a dnace studio.
Mairime Dance
Wedding Dance SpecialistCreating a Bespoke First Dance for your Special DayPackage Deals availableGift Vouchers that make the perfect engagement present
Wedding Dance Lessons
With the growing popularity of Salsa bars and programmes such as 'Strictly Ballroom' learning to dance has never been easier.

Not everyone is confident on the dance floor and preforming in front of an audience even if you do know your left foot from your right can for many be a daunting prospect. One way to over come this would be to have some dance lessons.

There are a number of different options open to couples. They could have either private lessons in the comfort of your own home or private lessons at a dance studio.

When choosing a piece of music or song that you wish to be used for your first dance try and find one that is meaningful to you both. The music or song should be approximately 3 minutes long. Your dance teacher should then be able to choreograph a dance routine to fit your chosen music or song.

Try and book yourself a dance package which allows you to learn a routine over several lessons with the opportunity to have additional lessons if you so wish, to polish off the routine. If possible try and have a dance rehearsal at your wedding venue. You should practice your dance routine in the shoes you plan to wear on the wedding day.

Learning to dance not only works wonders for your confidence it is an excellent way in which to help maintain good posture and fitness. This of course will be of great benefit to you both in the lead up to the wedding day.