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Wedding Dress Services

Having spent so long to find the perfect dress try to ensure it receives the same care and attention it deserves after your wedding day. Have your wedding dress cleaned, boxed and preserved so that in years to come it may still look as good as the day it was worn.
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Wedding Dress Services
Traditionally a woman would keep her wedding dress as an heirloom so that if she had a daughter she could then pass it down to her, to wear on her wedding day. Whether you intend to carry on this tradition or just believe that after all your hard effort in trying to find the perfect wedding dress you would like to be able to have it look as good in years to come as the day you wore it, then its important that you preserve it.

You can have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved with either a wedding dress shop or a specialist. If you just allow your wedding dress to hang in the back of the wardrobe it may get damaged and deteriorate. Its important that you have your dress professionally cleaned to avoid potential disaster.

Do bear in mind that not all cleaning companies have experience in cleaning wedding dresses. So you will need to check before hand.

Inspect your dress carefully making note of any stains and any repair work that may need to be carried out. Discuss the removal of each individual stain and repairs with the cleaning company to determine whether or not they can be done or not. This way your will avoid unnecessary disappointment.

The wedding dress once cleaned should be hand-pressed boxed and packaged in acid free tissue. The box itself should be pH neutral.