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Wedding Florists

When trying to find the right florist for your wedding make sure you view their portfolio of work and if possible go and see some of their displays either at a wedding fayre or their shop.
Sophie Hanna Flowers
Photo gallery of floral designs for the Bride, church, reception; Prop hire includes pedestal stands, urns, night lights, lily vases, glassware and more; Contact by phone, fax, post, email.
Emma Flower
Emma Flower is a contemporary florist specialising in stunning flowers for weddings. We work with brides around Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. We will create the perfect flowers for you
Wedding Florists
Flowers can be eye catching as well as enticing due to there smell. Hence why flowers are still the most popular item brides choose to hold as they walk down the aisle.

There are four different classic bouquet arrangements including hand-tied, free style, tear-drop bouquet (shower) and the formal posy.

It is essential when choosing your arrangement that you select one which will enhance your wedding outfit rather than overshadow it.

Before you try and find a florist browse through the bridal magazines so you can decide upon styles and types of flowers which you prefer. This way when you meet with a florist you can given them an idea of what you want.

When choosing a florist make sure you can view there portfolio of work and if possible visit there shop  to see there displays. In doing so they may open your mind to new ideas and ways to display your flowers which you hadn't thought of.

Check in advance that they offer a free consultations and quote service. Ask for the quote to be broken down, so you can see exactly what you will be getting for your money.