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Wedding Gifts

If you have wedding attendants don't forget to say thank you to them by presenting them with a gift. Or you may wish to give each other a special gift to open on the day of your wedding. [Continued...]
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Wedding Gifts
As the bride and groom get ready on there wedding day it would only be natural if they felt a little nervous about the event. One way you could help support each other in your hour of need would be to buy each other a wedding gift, to be opened on the day.

The item does not have to be expensive but rather be a token of your affection to each other and show that you are both thinking of each other as you prepare for your big day.

If you plan to follow tradition and not see each other the night before the wedding then you could exchange gifts the day before.

Wedding gifts could be for example a piece of jewellery you wish your partner to wear on the wedding day a photograph of you both at a memorable event in your lives or even a new experience for your partner or both of you.

It is good etiquette to present your wedding attendants with wedding gifts. Traditionally the Best man would be presented with jewellery such as a watch, pair of cufflinks or if he appreciated a good drink then perhaps an engraved tankard.
The Bridesmaids would be presented with engraved trinket boxes. Young female attendants would have received engraved jewellery such as a pendant or a bracelet. While Page boys would have received an engraved watch.

Silver would have been the metal of choice if jewellery were being given.

Although traditional wedding gifts are still very popular some couples may wish to consider more contemporary gifts for there attendants such as activity days and hand crafted gifts which reflect the recipients personality.