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Wedding Insurance

You wouldn't buy a home or car without insurance so why treat your wedding any different. Wedding insurance will provide you with cover for the unfortunate events which may occur that are beyond your control. 
Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance
With the average wedding costing almost £20,000 Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance will give you the peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens you are financially covered.
Wedding Insurance
Insurance is one of those things people are reluctantly to take out, as its not often that you need to make a claim. For this reason some people would argue why bother. The answer is simple, for piece of mind. Wedding insurance will not prevent unfortunate events from occurring but it can go some way to elevating the financial stress that may be caused, by events which are beyond your control.

For example you may wish to take out Wedding insurance cover for the cancellation of the wedding and or reception, rearrangement of the wedding and or reception, failure of suppliers to deliver the service you requested, wedding attire, wedding ring, flowers, cake, wedding transport, photographs, video and essential document indemnity (for overseas). There are many more things you may wish to consider when taking out a policy. There are often a selection of packages which couples can choose from. Therefore its essential you choose the most suitable package for your wedding. Make sure you read through the policy in full, including the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you will be covered for.