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Wedding Photography (Boudoir)

Surprise your partner with a sexy, provocative artist photograph of yourself. It will be a life changing experience as you will have a deeper awareness of your own body, and will help you grow in self confidence. Go on be a devil! [Continued...]
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Wedding Photography (Boudoir)
Many people have a misconception about photography boudoir as being crude. This however is completely false. Photography boudoir is in essence a way of capturing the beauty of the human form through the eye of a lens.

It's only natural that you might feel nervous posing in the nude or semi nude, although your photographer will be able to help put your mind at ease so that you can relax and release your inhibitions and ultimately celebrate your sexuality in a deeply sensual way.

The photo shot will prove to be a liberating experience, particularly for those of whom might be self conscious as the photos will artistically and respectfully capture the female form in a way that will flatter you as the model.

The photos from the shot can be given to your partner as a special gift for him on your wedding day or perhaps your wedding night.